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Zero Balance Validation is an online application that allows you to validate your Bursar bill using a web browser whether you are on or off campus.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Your LDAP Username
    You need to use your LDAP username (also known as LDAP uid) to run this application. Every student is assigned an LDAP uid after registration. The LDAP uid is the same as your live@lehman email account. For example, suppose the live@lehman email for student John Doe is, then his LDAP username is JOHN.DOE2. Note that even though your LDAP username and your live@lehman email id are the same, they can have different passwords if you have changed your live@lehman email password from within your email login.
  2. VPN login
    To use Zero Balance Validation whether you are on or off campus, open a web browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox), enter the secure login page at: Once on the VPN secure login page, enter your LDAP username (e.g., JOHN.DOE2) and password, then click the Login button.
  3. Select the Zero Balance Validation Application
    Once you are successfully logged in, you will see on the VPN page a list of links to applications for use by students. Click on the Zero Balance Validation link.
  4. Select a Term
    On the Welcome to Online Zero Balance Validation page, select a term that you want to validate your bill for, and then click on the Continue button.
    What you will see in the next page depends on your registration and validation status. If you have registered for the term you selected, have registered for one or more courses, the balance on you Bursar bill is zero, and you have not validated your bill yet, you will see the Validate Your Zero Bill page.
  5. Agree to the Terms and Conditions
    On the Validate Your Zero Bill page, read carefully and be sure you are clear about your responsibilities, then select I Agree and click the Submit button. (Note that if you select I Disagree and click the Submit button, your bill will not be validated. You may come back and go through these steps again to validate your bill before the validation deadline. Otherwise, if past the deadline your bill is still not validated, your registration for any courses for the term will be cancelled.)
  6. You are now Validated!
    Since you have selected I Agree, this Online Validation Record page is a confirmation of your validation.  Among other things, the page displays the date and time you validated your bill, and a confirmation number for your validation.

    You may print a copy of this record right away, or you can login later to print it.

    IMPORTANT: For security, each time when you are done using the Zero Balance Validation application, please remember to quit and close all browser windows so that nobody can resume your session and pose as you to run the applications.
  7. What happens thereafter
    The information about your validation is held and will not be reflected in SIMS or eSIMS until next business day. Therefore if you login to run Zero Balance Validation again right after you have validated your bill online, you will see the You Have Just Validated Your Bill Online page, and have the option of printing your validation record by clicking the Print Receipt button. If you login the next business day, you will see the Your Validation Already in eSIMS page, which confirms that your validation has been saved in SIMS. Again, on this page you can click on the Print Receipt button to print your validation record.

Last modified: Oct 13, 2011

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