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F03 Certificate of Fitness: Indoor Place of Assembly Safety Personnel

Emergency evacuation can be a component of large indoor- and outdoor gatherings. During an emergency, people attending events – who may be unfamiliar with the campus – rely upon Lehman College personnel to guide them to safety. Examples of events for which F03 C of F holders are required include public events in the Concert Hall, Lovinger Theater, and Apex, as well as outdoor events such as Commencement.

The Lehman College Fire Safety Plan specifies that one F03 C of F holder per 100 people must be present at indoor- and outdoor public events. Events for which there is inadequate F03 C of F coverage can result in being shut down by FDNY.

The F03 C of F replaces the F94 (Fireguard for Places of Public Assembly and Fireguard for Film Studios). FDNY will NOT renew the F94 C of F after 2012. Current F94 Certificates of Fitness will be valid until their expiration date, but F94 C of F holders must be re-certified for F03.

The certification process for F03 includes a test conducted at FDNY headquarters (9 MetroTech Center, Brooklyn, NY). Test questions will be based on the F03 study materials:

F03 Candidates must also attend a training session on emergency evacuation procedures for their specific building. Training is conducted by Public Safety and EH&S personnel; paperwork required for the F03 C of F will be completed during the training session.

Please contact EH&S by email to schedule training for your group.

Last modified: Oct 22, 2013

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