Office of Environmental Health & Safety

Regulated Medical Waste Guidelines for Lehman College

Appropriate disposal of Regulated Medical Waste (RMW) is everyone’s responsibility.

 All properly packaged waste must be transported to the autoclave room in Davis Hall Room 030 where it will be prepared for offsite shipment and disposal, at no cost to the individual laboratories. However, to ensure the safety of the personnel handling and packaging the waste, we request that each generator comply with state and federal regulations and to guarantee safe handling of the waste.

Please follow these important procedures:

  • All RED BAGGED biohazard waste is considered Regulated Medical Waste and must be placed into the bin containers provided in Davis Hall Room 030. Please DO NOT leave any red bags on the floor in the room.
  • Red Sharp Containers are also provided to generators and can be picked up in the Davis Room 030.
    All culture and pathological such as nutrient agars, gels, broths (including those utilizing human blood or blood products or other biohazard wastes should be contained in red biohazard bags (double bag if necessary).
  • Sharps materials are considered to be culture dishes and devices and pipette tips used to transfer, inoculate or mix cultures, plastic or glass plates, flasks, vials, beakers, bottles, jars, and tubes. These materials should be discarded in red sharps containers.
    Important!!! A Generator room label must be placed on all sharps containers and red bags that are brought to Room 030 for disposal. Labels are stored in the room on the shelf above the storage area.
  • Biohazards waste must not be mixed with chemical or radioactive waste, or with other laboratory trash.
  • Fluid quantities greater than 20 cubic centimeters should be separated from sharp containers. Persons should make a determination that any excess fluid is medical waste or hazardous chemical waste. Place fluids in appropriately labeled sealed containers.
  • Regulated medical waste must be maintained in a non-putrescent state on Campus.  Small animal carcasses should be packaged in biohazard bags and frozen in the Freezer located Davis 030.
    Accumulated RMW should be stored in a cool place, with limited access to unauthorized personnel, and disposed of promptly so as not to create aesthetic (visual or odor) problems

Calls can be made to Shaldon Watson at the EH&S Office at x8978 or email at

Thank you for your assistance and cooperation in creating a safer campus for all.

Revised 09-09

Last modified: Mar 13, 2012

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