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Administration - Sustainability at Lehman College

Energy Efficient Lighting Projects at Lehman College, March 2016

A series of projects to transition the campus away from less-efficient lighting began in 2010, with the goal of phasing in energy-efficient lighting (primarily LED) in all indoor and outdoor applications. By 2016, there are more LED lights on campus than fluorescent. New light fixtures with energy-efficient lamps have been installed in many locations throughout the Lehman College campus (as well as rewiring existing fixtures for use with LED lamps).

All Around Campus

  • All remodeling and renovation projects include LED lighting
  • Staircases of Carman, Davis, Gillet, Music, Speech & Theater, Apex, Old Gym and Shuster have all been changed to LED lighting


  • 15-Watt LED lamps replaced 32-watt fluorescent lamps in the tunnel that connects Gillet, Music, Shuster, Old Gym and Davis

Music Building

  • 4-Watt LED lamps have been installed in the Faculty Dining Room (can also be dimmed - another way to conserve electricity)
  • New boiler/chiller plants will be entirely LED lighting

Shuster Hall

  • Lighting in departmental offices in Shuster changed to LED

Fine Art

  • 400-Watt metal halide lamps replaced with 78-watt LED flood lamps
  • 175-Watt metal halide replaced with 52-watt LED lamps
  • 50 Parabolic Aluminized Reflector (PAR) 20 Incandescent recessed lamps replaced with 14-Watt energy star LED PAR 30 lamps
  • 60 PAR 16 incandescent lamps replaced with 9-Watt energy star LED PAR 20 lamps
  • PAR 38 Flood 90-Watt incandescent replaced with 17-Watt energy star LED PAR 38 lamps
  • Fluorescent lighting in all hallways and stairwells replaced with LEDs
  • 90-Watt halogen lamp floodlights in gallery replaced with 19-Watt LEDs

Speech and Theater

  • Lovinger Theater house lights changed to LED

Carman Hall

  • Sub-cellar/Cellar/1st /2nd/3rd floor corridors changed to LED
  • Faculty restrooms in Carman changed to LED
  • Recessed lighting in lecture halls changed to LED

Old Gym

  • 400-Watt metal halide lamps in the Main Gym of the Old Gym building replaced with high-bay fluorescent fixtures equipped with motion sensors

Outdoor Campus Lighting

  • 250-Watt metal-halide lamps in the outdoor lighting along College Walk replaced with LED lamps (68-92 Watt)
  • Paul Avenue entrance to Speech & Theater outdoor recessed lighting changed to LED
  • 250-Watt high pressure sodium lamps in four outdoor light fixtures in North parking lot replaced with to LED (68-92 Watt)
  • Outdoor lighting under the bridge between Music/Performing Arts Center/Leonard Lief Library replaced with 40-Watt induction lamps


  • Racquetball courts 2, 3, 4 (1 pending) changed to LED;
  • Apex 1st floor lobby: recessed lighting changed to LED;