Film: ‘Last Stop, Key Gardens’

Last Stop Kew Gardens

Music Professor Diana Mittler Battipaglia and the Lehman College and Community Chorus make a brief appearance in the upcoming documentary titled “Last Stop, Kew Gardens.” The film, which traces the story of first-generation American children raised by German and Austrian survivors of the Holocaust in Queens, New York, will air on Channel 21 (WLIW) on Wednesday, April 22, at 10 p.m.

Filmmaker Robert H. Lieberman and Professor Battipaglia are former elementary school classmates. She and her mother, who was 96 at the time of filming, give short interviews, and an excerpt from her father’s piano trio is used throughout the film as a theme. The Lehman College and Community Chorus, for which Professor Battipaglia serves as director, can be seen and heard performing an excerpt from Mozart’s Requiem.

Lieberman, who is a professor of physics at Cornell University, decided to make the film after receiving an overwhelming response to an article he had written about his childhood in Queens for the Web site

Lieberman initiated a reunion at PS 99, the elementary school he and his former classmates attended. He also embarked on a journey that took him to London, California, Washington, and beyond to interview other neighborhood children who were spread across the globe.

Last modified: Oct 13, 2011

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