Lehman College Theatre Major Wins Scholarship to Attend MFA Program; Walter "Wally" Lugo to Study Technical Theatre


Professor Ken Ross stands with senior Walter LugoSenior Walter “Wally’’ Lugo has won a scholarship and stipend to attend Florida State University’s MFA program in technical direction. Lugo is the theatre department’s first student to win a graduate-school scholarship.

What makes the scholarship even more impressive is that Florida State only accepted five students for the three-year MFA program. Technical theatre coordinates the scenery, lighting and sound of stage productions.

``The technology used in theatre is constantly changing, ‘’ explained Ken Ross, technical director of Lehman Stages. ``The MFA program will allow Wally to learn and be ready to enter the entertainment industry at a higher level.’’

Lugo thanked Ross and Theatre Professor Claudia Case for helping him navigate the admissions process, which included interviews and project work. ``Without them, I never would have gotten through it,’’ said Lugo, who also is a former captain of the College’s swim team.

``Walter showed real dedication throughout the application process, and, by getting an MFA, he is putting himself in a great position to have a professional career in theatre,’’ said Prof. Case.

The Theatre Program offers training in performance arts, including acting, directing and playwriting; costume, lighting and scene design, including technical theatre; and the dramatic literatures and history of the theatre. Thereis also a dance minor, which provides students with performance opportunities beyond the classroom in dance concerts and participation in the Theatre Program’s musical comedy productions.
Theatre students have ample opportunities for a hands-on learning experience both on and backstage in the Lovinger Theatre and in the Studio Theatre and the S.E.T. (Student Experimental Theatre).

Last modified: Oct 13, 2011

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