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College Courses Offered

We offer courses year-round, during the fall, spring, and summer semesters. These courses are taught by college faculty members. They will increase and promote objective knowledge, critical thinking, decision-making and imperative writing skills necessary to succeed in college and the workplace.

For information about our summer courses, see the Summer Courses page.

Which college courses can I take?

Based on Regents or SAT scores, high school grades and consistent attendance, eligible students will be able to take freshman-level college courses such as the following:


Course Code Course Name
ART 112 Digital Imaging
*BIO 166 Principles of Biology: Cells and Genes
*CHE 137/138 Elements of Chemistry
CIS 211 Computer Information Systems
CMP 167 Programming Methods I
**DNC 235 Dance Perspectives
ENG 111 / 121 Freshman Composition I and II
ENW 210 Introduction to Creative Writing
ENG 222 Literary Genre
*GEP 205 Principles of Geographic Information Science (GISc)
JRN 211 Introduction to Multilingual Media
**JRN 221 Reporting I
MAT 172 Precalculus
PHI 171 Problems in Philosophy
PHI 172 Contemporary Moral Issues
PHI 173 Justice and Society
POL 150 Contemporary Political Issues – Biotechnology Ethics
PSY 166 General Psychology
SOC 166 Fundamentals of Sociology
SOC 230 Criminology
SPA 113 / 114 Elementary Spanish I and II (for Native Speakers ONLY)
**THE 225 Digital Storytelling
**THE 241 Art of Theatre
*Natural and Geographic Science courses are ONLY offered as part of the Summer Science Academy.
**Dance, Reporting and Theatre courses are ONLY offered as part of the Summer Multimedia Arts Academy.

For more information about the courses and their content, contact the College Now Program at or 718-960-8932.