College Now 2016 Summer Multimedia Arts

About College Now 2016

The College Now Summer Multimedia Arts Academy provides qualified high school students the opportunity to take college credit courses in multimedia arts, theatre, and mass communication fields. Students will take college-credit courses in new media arts, theatre, stagecraft, film editing or journalism. The courses will provide an interactive hands-on leaning experience as well as an exposure to the humanities. Students will receive 4 college credits for successful completion of their academic work and will be involved in a multimedia production as part of the Summer Multimedia Arts Festival.

College Now is a collaborative program between City University of New York (CUNY) and the New York City Department of Education (DOE). It is a FREE transition program for qualified NYC public high school students.

Through College Now, qualified students get an early introduction to the college environment and a jump start on college coursework by taking credit-bearing college-level courses. This experience helps students build the academic skills that are necessary to be successful in college.

College Now students are highly motivated students who possess strong organizational skills and the drive to excel in and manage their academic and extra-curricular responsibilities.

This Website

This website was designed by College Now Art 112 student, Linda Vu. The pages were built by the Art 112 class using Dreamweaver. All projects included on the Digital Imaging pages were designed and created by our students.