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Philip Ruiz (Instructor) has earned a BA from Fordham University and MA from New York University; and over the last few years has been a lecturer at Lehman College where he teaches: Introduction to Humanities, History Of Cinema I & II Japanese Film, Non-Linear Editing, Film Production, American Film & Society, Gangster Films, Communications & Society, Animation: Disney, Pixar & Anime, Transformation & Classic Texts in Film and Film Adaptation. His area of interests and research include how technology and computers change the visual language of cinema; with a particularly interested in Japanese Cinema and its influence on the visual language of American Cinema.

Afreen Juli

Hi! I am Afreen Juli, the Teaching Assistance for the video production class. I am a junior at Macaulay Honors College of Hunter majoring in Communication Media Studies and Computer Science. I have been involved in the world of media and video production since the age of fifteen. I have built my knowledge in camera, graphics, video editing and films in the past years by being involved in various projects through different video productions and working on some of my independent films. I love films and I love overlaying images with background music with my own creativity. In future I hope to work in the media industry and become a film professor and help the young minds that would like to pursue a similar career. During the past five weeks I loved working with the students and Professor Ruiz. I think I have learned a lot from Professor Ruiz and through this experience.

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