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What is individual personal counseling?

Personal counseling is an opportunity for you to receive assistance with issues and concerns of any kind. Personal concerns addressed at the Counseling Center include adjusting to college, family conflicts, parenting issues, feelings of depression and anxiety, interpersonal issues, self-esteem issues, substance abuse, domestic violence, physical and sexual abuse and any issues that may be affecting your academic growth and personal development. Students also learn relaxation techniques to deal with life stressors and coping strategies to address issues affecting their academic functioning.

Why do students come for counseling?

Students come to the Counseling Center because they are experiencing emotionally distress and wish to improve their lives in order to achieve their goals and dreams. Some issues addressed in counseling may include:

  • Adjusting to College
  • Managing Depression and Anxiety 
  • Coping with Stress 
  • Enhancing Self-Esteem 
  • Surviving Grief and Loss 
  • Improving Relationships 
  • Ending Substance Misuse and Eating Problems 
  • Coping with Family Issues 
  • Dealing with Emotional Trauma (ex. sexual assault, childhood abuse, relationship violence) 
  • Understanding Sexual Orientation and Identity

What services are offered at the Counseling Center?

The Lehman College Counseling Center offers a variety of services in English and Spanish, including individual and group counseling, crisis intervention, consultations, and referrals to on and off-campus resources. We also offer anonymous online screening evaluations for depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, eating disorder and alcohol abuse. Faculty can consult with Counseling Center staff or request a class presentation by calling 718-960-8761.

Who works at the Counseling Center?

The staff at the Counseling Center consists of a director, licensed clinical counselors, and an administrative assistant. Peer Educators, CUNY CAPS, Master’s level interns, and post doctoral fellows round up the team.

Who does the counseling?

All counseling sessions are done by the director, clinical social worker, part-time clinical counselors and advanced graduate counselors in training who are supervised by the director.

When is counseling available?

Office Hours
Mondays 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Tuesday 9 a.m.- 7 p.m.
Wednesday 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. (Oct-Dec and Feb-May)
Thursday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. (Oct-Dec and Feb-May)
Old Gym Building (next to the library), First Floor – Room 114
250 Bedford Park Boulevard West
Bronx, NY 10468-1589
Contact Us

Tel: 718-960-8761 Fax: 718-960-6739
For more information, you may e-mail us at:

Meet the Counseling Center's Staff

How do I get started?

To make an initial appointment with a counselor, call 718-960-8761 or stop by the Counseling Center, located next to the Library in the Old Gym Building, Room 114 on the first floor.

What happens during the first appointment?

At your initial appointment, you will be asked a few questions related to your present concerns. It will probably take one or two sessions to understand your priorities. During these sessions, your counselor should be able to offer you initial impressions of what the work will include, establish goals for counseling, and the approximate number of sessions you will attend. These sessions will help both you and the counselor decide how the Counseling Center services can best help you, or if an outside referral to a community agency is necessary.

How many times do I need to see a counselor?

This depends on your individual needs and the counseling plan you have developed with your counselor. Although we do not limit the number of sessions a student can have during an academic year, we emphasize a short-term counseling focus. Sessions are typically scheduled weekly or bi-weekly, and range from a half hour to forty minutes, depending on your individual needs. Much of our focus is on helping you reach your academic goals and working with the challenges to that process. If you require additional services, we will refer you to other resources within the community.

What if I have to cancel my scheduled appointment?

To benefit from counseling it is necessary to be consistent with appointments. If you need to cancel and reschedule an appointment, please give the courtesy of a 24-hour notice. If you do not show for two sessions without calling in advance you may lose your preferred time and be placed on a waiting list. If you are thinking of ending your counseling, it is always best to discuss this decision with your counselor before you stop. Your counselor can help identify possible future options and referral sources.

Will what I say be kept confidential?

The Lehman College Counseling Center offers confidential counseling services and takes every reasonable precaution to protect the privacy of clients. The identity of those using our counseling services along with the disclosures made in the course of the counseling relationship are confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside of the Counseling Center without your express (usually written) consent, except under conditions involving the potential for serious physical harm to yourself or other individuals, child or senior abuse, or other legal mandate.

Is there a charge for counseling?

There is NO COST to attend the Counseling Center. We offer free self-help handouts, booklets, and other types of mental health literature on a wide variety of topics. You may also check this Web site for mental health links, information on our personal growth groups and workshops, and to become a member of our free newsletter. We also offer online screening for mental health.