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The Counseling Center supports the educational mission of Lehman College and the City University of New York by supporting graduate and post-doctoral trainees and conducting and participating in research that relates to student's mental health and development. There are three types of internships at Lehman College:

Peer Educators

Peer Educators help freshmen students become acquainted with the Lehman College community, and continuing students to stay connected and informed about what the College has to offer. Throughout the semester, Peer Educators actively participate in organizing weekly workshops, social events, and creative activities. They outreach to the Lehman community to increase visibility of counseling services through informational tables, flyer distribution, social networking, and other avenues. Becoming a Peer Educator at the Counseling Center is a wonderful opportunity to get involved in promoting mental health awareness and reducing stigma by educating students on the benefits of counseling for their personal and academic growth. To learn more about our peer mentor program or to become a peer, call Janelle Hill at 718-960-1970.

In order to qualify for a Peer Educator position at the Counseling Center, you must have 60 credits and be available for supervision on Friday mornings or afternoons.

CUNY CAP (City University of New York Counseling Assistantship Program)

CUNY CAPS are graduate students who play an important supportive role at the Counseling Center. They participate in outreach programs to inform the campus community about mental health issues and counseling services offered at Lehman College. CUNY CAPS also assist with administrative and clerical tasks and take an active part in daily operations of the Counseling Center. CUNY CAPS also assist in outreach to counseling center clients and are part of our intake coordination team.

Clinical Training Program

The Counseling Center at Lehman College/CUNY and its Clinical Training Program maintain a focus on the human strength, resilience and health of students served. The mission of the Center is to assist students with the emotional, developmental, and psychological concerns that may be affecting their personal and academic growth. We work towards the goal of helping graduate and undergraduate students cope with the challenges of higher education and life - in a productive, healthy manner through individual and group therapy, as well as consultation, outreach and psychoeducation.

Goals of the Externship/Internship Training Program 

The graduate Internship/Externship Program provides valuable training to future counselors, psychologists, and social workers. The training staff emphasizes critical thinking, diverse and interdisciplinary perspectives, cultural competence and humility, as well as mutual respect. We hold that a learning environment that is safe, challenging, and collaborative is crucial to trainee’s professional, cultural, and personal development. A developmental mentoring approach is at the core of the training program and its goals. This developmental framework is used to assist externs/interns in moving from interdependent students to competent mental health practitioners. Additionally, a systemic/multicultural framework is integrated in order to facilitate awareness, knowledge and skills for working with the sociocultural and political spheres that affect students’ experiences. As trainers, supervisors, and mentors the staff seeks to aid the development of supported and encouraged trainees who graduate competent as social work, mental health counseling, or psychology experts.


Candidates must be enrolled in Masters or Doctoral programs in clinical or counseling psychology, mental health counseling, or clinical social work.

Time Commitments 

The internship/externship begins in late August and ends in late May. Externs must be available 16-20 hours/week and be on-site a minimum of two days/week. Fridays are required days for training sessions and disposition meetings.


Externship applicants are encouraged submit application materials by FRIDAY, JANUARY 22, 2016. MHC Internship applications are encouraged to submit application materials by FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 5TH, 2016. We begin the interview process as soon as the received application packets are complete. For your application packet, please include the following items:

  • A Cover Letter and Curriculum Vitae
  • An Official or Unofficial Transcript of graduate studies
  • A letter of readiness from the applicant’s Director of Training/ Placement Coordinator. Letters of readiness may be mailed directly or included with the application packet.
  • Verification of enrollment in a professional liability insurance program. (This requirement is needed prior to beginning the externship, but is not necessary in the initial application).

Applications should be submitted to:

Lucinda Bratini, Ph.D.
Coordinator of Clinical Training
Counseling Center
Lehman College, CUNY
250 Bedford Park Blvd
Bronx, NY 10468

For more information, call the Counseling Center (728) 960-8761