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The Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI)

By using the Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI) program, students will have an opportunity to assess their study skills and improve them through individual one-on-one study skills counseling. In addition, students will receive referrals to on campus resources and online study skills websites. We also facilitate academic success workshops targeting the areas assessed in the LASSI.

LASSI is a ten-scale, eighty-item assessment designed to measure ten strategies necessary for academic success. LASSI is taken online at the Counseling Center and takes approximately 15-20 minutes.

How do I interpret my LASSI scores?

Students are strongly encouraged to schedule a follow-up session with a study skills counselor to review scores and develop a study skills plan. However, the best way to quickly understand the LASSI score is to review the graph on the LASSI print out.

If scores range from 0-50 percent:

A score below 50 percent indicates that students must improve their study skills to avoid serious problems with succeeding in college. Students who score below 50 percent in three areas, they are encouraged to speak to a study skills counselor or attend one of the Center's learning skills workshops.

If scores range from 50-75:

A score from 50-75 indicates that a student may benefit from improving strategies in these areas.

If scores range from 75-100:

A score from 75-100 indicates that a student may not have to give a high priority to improving strategies in these areas, but the online modules may help students acquire new skills or ideas to further enhance learning.

Students are advised to check their "Anxiety Scale" on the print out (these scores are inverted.) If the percentile is high—from 50 to 100—this means you are not anxious about your studies. If you score low—from 0 to 50—it means that you are very anxious about your studies. Stress management for test anxiety and test preparation workshops may be useful.

What happens if I score below 50 percent in several of the LASSI areas?

If students score below 50, it is highly recommended that they see a LASSI counselor for a follow-up to discuss a counseling plan to improve these areas.

Counselors will help students to develop a plan of action for improving study or learning strategies (through referral for tutoring, study skills, or stress and time management, online modules, worksheets, or online resources).

If students feel that they need academic and personal counseling to help them resolve issues that may impede their academic performance, they may work with the LASSI counselor on these specific needs. A counselor will help students clarify the personal and academic concerns.

LASSI lectures are facilitated by Counseling Center staff upon request. Call the Counseling Center at 718-960-8761. Anyone who is interested in learning more may schedule a one-on-one session with a counselor.

If you want more information on test-taking strategies, note-taking, and study aids, check the Instructional Support Services website, or call 718-960-8175.

Following links provide useful information that may help improve study skills:

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