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Educational Opportunities Initiative

Educational Opportunities Initiative


The Education Opportunities Initiative (EOI) is city wide initiative led by Jaime Lucero Mexican Studies Institute at CUNY. The Educational Opportunities Initiative seeks to address the lack of bilingual, accessible information about educational pathways and services in NYC.


Through a one on one consultation we are able to help  clients identify and connect them with the next step in their educational pathway. We also offer monthly workshops on a variety of different educational topics.

The Education Opportunity Initiative seeks to bring CUNY presence to underserved communities like Sunset Park and to connect these communities with CUNY. The connection starts with connecting not only students ready to apply to college but with those who are just starting and connecting them to a much-needed English language course or a High School Equivalency course.


Educational opportunities for all ages!

Adult Education

English Classes

Basic Literacy

Basic Computer

Higher Education

How to enroll in college

How to finance college

Scholarship Opportunities

Graduate Studies

How to revalidate studies from another country

Early Childhood Education

Kindergarten Enrollment

Pre-K Enrollment

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