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The CUNY Mexican Studies Institute invites you to attend FILNYC (Feria Internacional del Libro de la Ciudad de Nueva York) at the Cervantes Insitute this September!

FILNYC will be a 2-day free event open to the public. People will have the unique opportunity to hear from several authors, attend fun workshops, lively book presentations, and browse through books geared toward the hispanic community. Come join us this fall and have a great time!

Dates: September 13, & 14

Location: 211 E 49th St, New York, NY 10017

Upcoming courses this Fall 2019

NYC Edúcate

NYC Edúcate

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NYCEdú is a source for all of the information you and your family need about navigating educational opportunities in New York City. Learn more about services, resources and opportunities for all ages, from infancy to adult education. Visit our bilingual webpage and sign up for alerts to learn more.

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