Q. What are processes will be affected by CUNYfirst?

A. There are three main areas in which new processes are being implemented: Finance, Human Resources, and Student Administration.
Finance: General Ledger, Procurement (Purchasing, Accounts Payable, and Expenses), Planning and Budgeting, Accounts Receivable, Asset Management, and Cash and Deal Management.

Human Resources: Base HR Processes, Base Benefit Processes, Recruitment, Time and Labor, Leave Management, and Payroll (interfaces with NYS and NYC).

Student Administration: Academic Structure, Course Catalog, Schedule of Classes, Student Financials, Student Records, Financial Aid, and Admissions.

Human Resources

Q. What do the Human Resource processes allow me to do?

A. A major feature is its self-service functions, allowing faculty and staff to view portions of their HR records, including a listing of current chosen benefits.

Q. Is there any personal information that cannot be changed through Self-Service?

A. Everyone is encouraged to check to make sure his/her data are correct—from spelling of the name, to addresses, family information, and current listing of benefits. If anything is not correct, contact the Lehman HR Office. Information such as your Social Security number, which is needed for tax reasons, and any name changes and new degrees cannot be changed through Self-Service, but must be confirmed by the HR Office.

Q. Can I have more than one role in CUNYfirst?

A. Yes. For example, let’s say you are a faculty chairperson. You will have access to CUNYfirst Student processes needed to do your job in your department. You may also have access to Human Resources processes in your role as someone who manages people or can hire new employees. You may also have access to Finance processes for purchasing material for your office or getting expenses reimbursed. You will have access to all functions with one sign-on in one integrated system.

Student Systems

Q. Will students/staff have to log onto the CUNY portal to access CUNYfirst, as they do now in SIMS?

A. No. CUNYfirst is being hosted outside CUNY. Users will log into CUNYfirst, via their Internet browser, directly into their processes. There is no second step.

Q. I’m a student who is used to dealing with the Bursar, Financial Aid, and Registrar's offices. Will they all have access to my information?

A. Anyone who is given security access to assist students in their careers will be able to refer to a student’s record and look at the same information. They could even look at the data at the same time, but only one person can update a student’s record at a time. This will improve service because everyone will be on the same page—no more “he told me that, and then she told me this.”

Q. If I am a student at the Graduate Center, but teach as an adjunct at Lehman, does that mean I will have two IDs and have to remember two passwords?

A. Every person in the CUNYfirst system has one record. That means you will be identified in the system for all that you are to CUNY. This allows for your information to follow you wherever you go. If you take classes at multiple campuses, you have one record. It will also speed up new employee procedures if you move to a new job at another campus.


Q. How will I be trained to use the system?

A. In a number of ways. If you have a job that requires you to have everyday access to the system, you will be trained in a classroom setting by your peers. CUNYfirst Training is based on a model called “Train the Trainer.” Professionals from throughout CUNY learn how processes work, and train individuals how to do their work. If you don’t use CUNYfirst every day, training for processes you need will come from web conferences, computer-based training, and at one-stop kiosks for students.

Q. Will I receive training on all CUNYfirst Processes?

A. No. In CUNYfirst, your are assigned roles based on the work you do. Those roles are determined by managers and supervisors who are translating current work into CUNYfirst functions. You will receive training to perform the exact tasks you need to do your job—no more, no less. If it is determined you need training on functions outside your role, your managers and supervisors will make sure you get it.

These FAQs are adapted from the University's CUNYfirst website. See more FAQs at University's CUNYfirst website.

Last modified: Oct 26, 2011

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