Helpful Tips for Students

For helpful tips and important CUNYfirst information please click on any of the categories below.

Personal Information and Managing My CUNYfirst Account: ►

Helpful Tips:

    1. Username and EMPLID - Record your EMPLID! From now on, it will be used to identify you in CUNYfirst and across campus. Also, please make a note of your CUNYfirst username (which includes your first dot last name followed by the last two digits of your EMPLID).
    2. Personal Information - Students may add/edit their Home, Mail, and Billing addresses through self-service in CUNYfirst. View/Add Addresses [PDF]

    Note: Student must visit the Registrar office in Shuster Hall, Rm. 106 to change their permanent address. Changes to student's name, date of birth and social security number can also be made in the same location.

My Academics: ►

Helpful Tips:

    1. Transcripts - Unofficial transcripts are available in CUNYfirst to view, print or save in a PDF format. Official transcripts are available through the Transcript Ordering link on the Student Center page in CUNYfirst or by clicking here
    2. Apply for Graduation - Note: Only Seniors taking courses in their last term (semester) should apply for graduation.
Enrollment (Registration process in CUNYfirst): ►

Helpful Tips:

    1. Enrollment Dates - are dates students can enroll(register) in classes for a term. These dates are student-specific and may vary from other students. Please make note of the start and end dates and times for your enrollment dates.  
    2. Enrollment Shopping Cart - is a CUNYfirst registration feature for students to temporarily save classes until it is their enrollment date. Classes in a student's shopping cart remain there throughout the term, until the student either officially enrolls in a class or deletes the class from their Shopping Cart. Click validate to have the system check for possible conflicts prior to enrolling. This action does not register you for the class, nor save you a seat in the class.
    3. Wait List - Students may use the self-service wait list feature when a class is full and a wait list option is available.
    4. Holds - are negative service indicators that appear in the Student Center. Students must be sure to clear any holds on their account before being eligible to enroll in classes. View Holds [PDF]