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ENLACE is a multi-year cohort program that provides high achieving Latino students with advanced academic enrichment in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), critical writing and other college preparatory disciplines. Cohorts of 40 students complete three distinct, two-year components of ENLACE – Junior ENLACE, ENLACE Preparatory Academy; and the ENLACE Latino Collegiate Society– that prepare them, through the acquisition of skills, experiences and exposure to new fields and information, for educational attainment, personal success, and leadership in their communities and high-technology industries where Latinos are habitually underrepresented.


•   Prepare Latino students to apply to and attend selective colleges and universities
•   Promote and ensure accountable and rigorous instruction for Latino students
•   Promote Latino family engagement and awareness of college and financial aid information

ENLACE Academies

In the 7th and 8th grades, Junior ENLACE students build an invaluable foundation for life-long educational achievement through classes on Lehman College-CUNY’s campus, acquiring the skills and preparation needed to gain acceptance to specialized pre-college programs. Students receive advanced coursework in mathematics, the sciences (Chemistry, Physics), and test preparation for the Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT). In addition, they learn valuable skills for success in any domain – including group-work, interpersonal skills and a critical lens for problem-solving.

In the ENLACE Preparatory Academy (“ENLACE Prep”), 9th and 10th grade students engage in challenging coursework, project-based assignments and experiences to begin their path through high school with a competitive advantage; they hone their problem-solving abilities through applying their skills to real-world disciplines and situations (Engineering, Architecture and Media Literacy), all while building their critical writing and analysis skills. Holistically, students gain leadership experience and development through a Civic Engagement course to address needs in New York City Latino communities. In addition, students participate in preparation for SAT Subject Test(s) necessary for admission to highly selective colleges and universities.

In the 11th and 12th grades, students enter the ENLACE Latino Collegiate Society, receiving the support to continue competitively on the path to college entrance and completion, SAT Reasoning Test and SAT Subject Test preparation, basic college course topics (Statistics, Civil Engineering), and the knowledge necessary for success in selective colleges and universities. Individualized attention through the college search and application processes, essay and scholarship application support, and training in presentation/processing programming allow students to further sharpen their research, analysis and presentation skills. Workshops for parents and students about college application, financial aid and other topics increase families’ involvement in and knowledge of the transition into college. Finally, before heading off to their freshman year of college, students engage in an intensive research project to prepare themselves to utilize the services available, prepare for the obstacles that may arise and engage actively in the respective college communities they will be attending.

For more information about the program, contact Daniel Morales-Armstrong at

ENLACE Classes (by discipline)

Science Technology Engineering
  • Exploration of Sci (sum7)
  • Chemistry (7)
  • Sustainable Env. (sum8)
  • Community Health (sum9)
  • Physics (9)
  • Molecular
  • Biology (10)
  • Microsoft Office Suite Training (12)
  • Technology incorporated in all courses for lessons, projects and/or presentations
  • Engineering (8)
  • Architecture (10)
  • Civil Engineering (12)
  • Math Tests Writing
  • Scientific Math (7)
  • Math for Engineers(8)
  • Math Lab 1 - Algebra (9)
  • Math Lab 2 - Geometry (10)
  • SAT Prep (Math) (11)
  • Statistics (12)
  • SHSAT (8)
  • SAT II: Physics (9)
  • SAT II: Molecular Bio (10)
  • SAT Reasoning Test (11, 12)
  • Critical Comprehension (sum9)
  • College Writer’s Institute (9, 10)
  • SAT Critical R/W (11)
  • Critical Writing (Scholarship Essays) (sum12)
  • College Essay Review (12)

  • ENLACE Program Outcomes

    Since its inception in 2001, ENLACE has served over 225 students and their families in the pursuit of selective college and university education. Our students perform at exceptional levels, in ENLACE and in their respective schools. 100% of the class of 2011 was enrolled in available honors programs in their high schools, and enrollment in Advanced Placement courses was 76%, nearly 5x the national average for Latinos. The current high school graduation, college acceptance and college enrollment rate for our most recent graduates is 100%.

    Students from our 2006 and 2011 cohorts have graduated from, or are attending, a total of 45 highly selective colleges and universities, including Harvard University, Cornell University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, New York University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Rochester Institute of Technology, Lehman College-CUNY (Honors), Wesleyan University, St. John’s University, CUNY Hunter, Boston College, Emerson College, Syracuse University, SUNY Binghamton, Grinnell College, Fordham University, Pace University, and more than 15 of the city and state’s top SUNY and CUNY schools, among others. ENLACE students who have completed the program have been awarded in excess of $10,000,000 in competitive college scholarships and grants.

    ENLACE has attained national recognition and extensive interest from foundations, college presidents, and legislators to replicate its forward-thinking work in preparing Latino students for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) careers and success at the collegiate level.

    Eligibility Criteria

    Grade 7-8 Grade 9-10 Grade 11-12
    GPA 85+ 85+ 85+
    PSAT Selection Index N/A 75th+ Percentile 75th+ Percentile
    ELA 3+ N/A N/A
    Math 3+ N/A N/A

    Application Process

    Eligible students need to submit a completed application, consisting of:

  • Completed application packet
  • Nomination form
  • Essay
  • 3 short answer questions
  • School transcripts
  • PSAT score report

  • APPLY!

    Applications for students currently in the 7th and 11th grade to join the program in summer 2012 are now being accepted. For educators, parents or students interested in more information, please email Applications are due June 1st, 2012. .

       7th Grade
       Junior ENLACE Application 7th - 2012
        Junior ENLACE Nomination 7th - 2012

       11th Grade
       Junior ENLACE Application 12th - 2012
       Junior ENLACE Nomination 12th - 2012

    ENLACE is able to provide these important services and experiences to our students through current generous funding by Con Edison, the Edwin Gould Foundation, the New York Life Foundation, and the Toyota USA Foundation

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