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To prepare families to make informed choices about their children’s educational future, The Bronx Institute GEAR UP Program organizes a series of family events to make a difference in each student’s school and post-secondary educational success. These conferences and other in-school presentations take into consideration each grade’s specific needs, by providing students and their families with detailed information and practical knowledge of what they need to know to become prepared for college.

Some of The Bronx Institute GEAR UP Program’s Conferences:

The Bronx Institute GEAR UP Program, CUNY Central Office and Lehman College, Office of Financial Aid, organized a series of presentations to help 11th and 9th grade GEAR UP students and their families meet college costs. Numerous sources of assistance available to help pay for a college education were offered at different events.  George Lipper, Assistant Director, and Brenda Nieves-Matos from CUNY Central Office, William Hill Associate Director from Lehman College, Financial Aid Office, and Charlotte Henson-Butler, Coordinator Community Outreach CUNY Express Office in Washington Heights, answered frequently asked questions about paying for college expenses, expected family contribution, programs like “Peter F. Vallone Scholarships” for NYC public and private high school graduates, and undocumented students opportunities.  Parents and students were also guided through the alphabet soup of unfamiliar abbreviations like FAFSA, SAR and TAP, and led step by step through the application process.  


The Bronx Institute GEAR UP Program and CUNY Central Office provided valuable information to 9th grade students and their families. The conference “My Education, My Future: Steps for Success,” included a power point presentation with good recommendations regarding student’s academic present and future, the importance and benefits of parent’s involvement, and the role of the GEAR UP Program in the student’s school.   This conference is another of a series of events to continue providing support to all GEAR UP families. At the end, Marguerite Chappell, Assistant Director from CUNY Central Office of Admissions, did a great job explaining to the audience the different ways to pay and how to get into college by learning the importance of early planning.


The Bronx Institute GEAR UP Program and Davidson College’s Office of Financial Aid provided 11th grade students and their families with updated information and criteria for Financial Aid. John Leach from Davidson College gave valuable information to the families that included:  Financial Aid Basics for parents, how do students apply for financial aid, dependent or independent, Federal definition, the financial aid package, merit-based scholarships, the current economic situation and family individual circumstances. 


The Bronx Institute GEAR UP Program and Lehman College’s Office of Admissions supporting 9th grade students and their families on their pathway from high school to college.  The conference,“9th Graders’ Path to College:  High School Requirements,” was organized to provide parents and students the information needed to understand the importance of early planning to succeed in high school, college and life. Topics included:  school expectations for both; students and families, high school graduation requirements, academic performance levels, advanced placement courses, the importance of after school and enrichment programs, reading high school transcripts and report cards, understanding the process of accumulating credits to ensure an on-time high school graduation and college acceptance.  


The Bronx Institute GEAR UP Program and Syracuse University’s Office of Admissions co-sponsor the conference “College Admissions Process,” at Lehman College for 11th grade students and their families.  Dr. Lonnie Morrison, Director of Metropolitan Admissions Programs at Syracuse University, conducted the conference as a continuation of The Bronx Institute GEAR UP commitment to provide quality programs.  Dr. Morrison discussed a number of key topics, including the qualities that universities and colleges look for in students they consider for admission, the pros and cons of early decision and early action, the value of and how to handle a college interview, the importance of the application essay and letters of recommendation. The information provided also clarified the role post secondary education plays in a success.


Junior Achievement of New York and The Bronx Institute GEAR UP Program sponsored family events. GEAR UP students and their families are provided with opportunities to learn about: entrepreneurship, financial literacy and workforce readiness to be inspired and prepared to succeed in a global economy.


The Bronx Institute GEAR UP Program’s Student and Parent Initiative Conference. Middle school students and their families learn about GEAR UP Programs being implemented in their schools which include academic counseling and support, test preparation, rigorous academic courses; enrichment and mentoring programs, educational/cultural field trips, and college awareness workshops among other activities.


The Bronx Institute GEAR UP and the NYC Department of Education at one of the presentations on High School Choice for our middle school students and their families. They learned how to be prepared this important selection process by choosing the best school, learning about new and specialized high schools, and understanding the particular programs available at each school.


The Bronx Institute South Bronx GEAR UP “MAKING HIGH SCHOOL COUNT” Conference. Professionals from CUNY, NYC Department of Education, and financial institutions were part of the panel. Students and their families received information regarding the following: high school requirements, high school credits and transcripts, college preparation courses, the importance of parent involvement, and the Admissions and Financial Aid process.


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