The Bronx Institute at Lehman College

Parent Initiative

     Summer Academy

A month-long Summer Academy is organized every year to help parents learn how to use technology to search for and take advantage of educational resources to prepare GEAR UP students for post secondary education. Parents are trained on how to search for the following information: Financial aid including FAFSA, scholarships, college admissions and career opportunities, how to prepare a student’s profile for admissions requirements purposes, and how to visit colleges using the Internet (Virtual Tours). Parents also meet representatives from CUNY, SUNY, and private universities, to speak about updated information regarding admissions and financial aid. Following formal presentations, parents participated in a college campus tour.

Some of The Bronx Institute GEAR UP Program’s Summer Academy pictures:

After participating in an orientation session at Lehman College regarding college admissions and Financial Aid, The Bronx Institute GEAR UP parents visited Lehman campus facilities, and asked questions regarding: How many freshmen students per class?, how many students from New York City?, most popular majors?, etc.



The Bronx Institute GEAR UP parents, after participating in an orientation session regarding college admissions and financial aid, visited SUNY Purchase College facilities.



The Bronx Institute GEAR UP parents participating in one of the Summer Academy workshops where they learn how to use a computer to search for educational resources online. By using different websites, parents are able to prepare student profiles regarding career of their interest among other topics.


Bronx Institute GEAR UP Project Associate, giving instructions to the parents regarding the content of the Summer Program and demonstrating the different websites they will be using as part of the curriculum.


SUNY Purchase College Advisor, giving information to The Bronx Institute GEAR UP parents regarding the available EOP Program and updates on college admissions and financial aid.


The Bronx Institute GEAR UP parents, receiving certification of participation at the conclusion of the Summer Academy.


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