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Tips and Useful Websites for Parents

Supporting your child to succeed in high school and getting ready for college means planning for the future and making some very important decisions early. The Bronx Institute GEAR UP Program has compiled valuable information to help parents stay involved in their children’s education.


      Tips for Parents

What to consider when searching for the right college: When students are searching for the right college, there are at least two things to consider: What the student wants in a college, and what the college wants in the student. Here are some qualities colleges look for in their applicants:

  • Academic preparation
  • Challenging coursework
  • Ranking among high school peers, including senior year ranking
  • SAT or ACT scores
  • Extracurricular activities (commitment, rather than quantity is the key)
  • Recommendations from teachers and others
  • Written self-expression, often judged by your application essay
  • Verbal expression and presentation
  • Level of interest in and enthusiasm for the college


How can Parents get involved with their School and GEAR UP Program?

  • Getting to know your child’s guidance counselor, teachers, and GEAR UP representatives at your school. Ask them what does the school expects of your child. Share with them what they need to know about your child.
  • Join and participate in the Parents Teachers Association’s Nights. Learn everything you can about your child’s school.
  • Attending school and GEAR UP family’s events (conferences and workshops)
  • Make sure your child understand the school’s assignments


The college application process… Tips for parents

  • Talk with your child about the college application essay. Which topics interest him/her? Talk about the ideas they might include in the essay.
  • Work with your child and their teachers to put together the student portfolio for college application.
  • Discuss possible career choices with your child. Use the Internet to research information on educational opportunities in professions that might interest your child.
  • Attend college fairs with your child during the school year, and visit a college campus or two during the summer.


Financial Aid tips for parents. Make sure the senior student…

  • File the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) application at starting the first day of January of the student’s senior year. Apply as early as possible.
  • After completing the FAFSA, file the Tap (Tuition/Assistance Program) application at:
  • Respond to request(s) for additional FAFSA or TAP information and/or documentation.
  • Meet deadlines.


When exploring careers with your child… (source: MappingYourFuture.Org)


      Useful Websites for Parents

For College and Career Exploration, and Financial Aid: Steps to Selecting a College: 1. Dream 2. Research 3. Narrow

For Scholarship search: Visit these websites for more information and options regarding scholarships for documented and undocumented students (some scholarships are available regardless of the student's immigration status in U.S.) Some of these websites may ask for personal information or require registration. Remember to never give out your social security number online.

  • - Information about scholarships.
  • - Provides Hispanic high school and college students with the vision, resources, and mentorship needed to become community leaders and achieve successful careers in business, science, technology, engineering and math.
  • - Learn the steps for increasing the odds of receiving funding for college. Site includes a scholarships directory and financial aid guidelines.
  • - The Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund offers a list of scholarships regardless of immigration status.
  • - Scholarships for African-American students.
  • - Scholarships for Latino students.
  • - A government portal for students with links to scholarships, internships, academic resources and much more.
  • - Strives to serve students by providing free daily scholarship updates across a wide variety of requirements, including national, state, and class-level specific scholarships.
  • - List of sources based on immigration status/GPA/type of degree program.
  • - For undocumented students. List of sources.
  • - American Student Assistance is a nonprofit Organization that also provides information about Financial Aid.
  • - List of scholarships that do not require Social Security Number. Published by Educators for Fair Consideration.
  • – Find scholarships to help you pay for education at Harvard University. This is also a free search of a national database of college scholarships, grants and financial aid awards.
  • - The Geneseo Migrant Center is a registered 501 (c 3) nonprofit organization that provides assistance and a list of resources to migrant students who want to further their education.

For the High School Selection Process:

  • - Look in the High school Directory, if you already know the name of a school or program in which you might be interested.
  • - New York City Department of Education website allows parents and students to research all Public, Charter, and Specialized Schools. You can also find information regarding reports cards, programs, and courses offered at each school.
  • – Family Education Network links you to the schools in your Community.

Does your Child Need Help with Homework? These websites provide homework aids, interactive mentoring, quizzes, answers to frequently asked questions and research resources.

Other useful websites:

  • - A great website for students, parents and teachers - tips include how to take notes effectively, memorization, reading, writing, exams and stress management.
  • - Community service information about different organizations and options for the students.
  • - For College -Bound students Athlete: Academic eligibility requirements.
  • - Visit this web page for links to valuable online information for parents from the U.S. Department of Education. You'll find information about financial aid, early college planning, and family involvement in education.
  • - Parents, grandparents, guardians: learn how to help your child plan and prepare for college by navigating to the Educational Testing Service (ETS)


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