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Parent Initiative


Parents and students learn the steps and classes their children need to take to prepare for school and post-secondary education by participating in different presentations at their schools and in other locations: Financial Literacy, High School Choice, Making High School Count, All There Is To Know About College Loan Programs, The Real Cost Of College, Searching For Scholarships, New York's 529 College Savings Program, and other college preparatory presentations.

Some of The Bronx Institute GEAR UP Program’s in-schools workshops:

The Bronx Institute GEAR UP Program, Lehman College and CUNY Offices of Financial Aid, presented valuable information to the 9th grade students and their families. In order to help students and their families be prepared to pay for education costs after high school, The Bronx Institute South Bronx GEAR UP Program presented at Lehman College the workshop “Financial Aid Basics for 9th Grade Students and their Parents” as part of the Parent Initiative 2009-2010.  The panel integrated by William Hill, Associate Director from Lehman College Financial Aid Office, and George Lipper, Assistant Director CUNY (City University of New York) Central Office of Financial Aid, provided valuable information to the audience that included:  Family responsibilities regarding the financial aid process, types of financial aid, sources of financial aid, and financial aid links and resources in the internet.  Parents and students learned how to search for scholarships regardless the immigration status, choosing a career and a college, and that the college costs are not just tuition, room, and board.


The Bronx Institute GEAR UP Program Presented a Workshop to Help 8th grade students and families transition successfully from middle school to high school. Evaristo Jimenez, high school admissions expert and Leslie Lambertson, high school guidance counselor from DeWitt Clinton High School, provided valuable information on a wide range of topics including: high school acceptance and making a choice, getting ready for high school, high school graduation requirements, transcripts and class credits, study skills, extra-curricular activities, and planning for college. Each family received a comprehensive packet of educational resource materials.


The Bronx Institute GEAR UP Program and New York City Department of Education, Office of Student Enrollment, sponsored the Workshop “High School Choice: The Selection Process Step by Step,” a family event for 8th grade students and their parents.  Norma Nonis, Boro Enrollment Director, provided important information to students and their families to support them in making informed high school choices. Presentation covered such topics as: understanding the high school selection process, how to choose the best school, new and specialized high schools, the many different high school programs available, and how to complete the application form.  Resource materials distributed to the audience included: The Directory of NYC Public High Schools, the Specialized High Schools Student Handbook, High Schools at a Glance and a copy of the ENLACE - Family to Family: Guide to the Small High Schools in The Bronx prepared by The Bronx Institute at Lehman College. This year, interested parents were also offered a CD, prepared by The NYC Department of Education, with all resource materials listed above translated into Spanish.


Lehman College Department of Admissions’ Officer talking to GEAR UP parents. Parents gained valuable information about college admissions and financial aid procedures. Topics included the following: high school courses recommended for college, extracurricular activities, careers, college admissions and financial aid procedures—including the FAFSA form, and other programs available at the college.


Citigroup and The Bronx Institute GEAR UP Program developed in-school workshop presentations regarding financial literacy. Students and their parents learned how to be financially prepared for a college education. Topics included the following: how tomost effectively use banking institutions’ services, how to save money for college, creating a budget, and loan programs and scholarships options available for students.


Fordham University and The Bronx Institute GEAR UP Program partnered on presentations about “Financial Aid and the Cost of College: Private vs. Public.” Parents learned about: direct and indirect costs, estimated cost of attendance for one year, comparing colleges’ criteria, and other avenues to pay for a college education. Parents discovered that there are a number of organizations that will pay all or part of student’s way through college in return for a 2-4 year commitment when they graduate.


The Bronx Institute GEAR UP Program sponsored information sharing sessions by Banco Popular of New York, Upromise Organization and Citigroup, In a continuing effort of to support GEAR UP students and their families, the three institutions developed a presentation at Fordham University, which covered the following: scholarships action plans and options, setting savings goals, loans programs, and Qualified State Tuition 529 Plans.


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