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Parent Initiative

The Bronx Institute GEAR UP Parent Initiative supports and assists parents by providing them with the knowledge and skills necessary to make them active and informed participants in their child’s education. Parents will learn what their children need to be successful in high school, graduate, and enter college.

Knowing that many students from The Bronx will be the first in their families to attend college, The Bronx Institute brings together family members as early as middle school to begin the process of planning for college and developing a working knowledge of the financial resources available to help pay for higher education.

By creating different programs and family events, The Bronx Institute GEAR UP Program helps parents to make informed choices and become active partners in their child’s education. Examples of The Bronx Institute Parent Initiative Programs organized are the following:


To prepare families to make informed choices about their children’s educational future, The Bronx Institute GEAR UP Program organizes a series of family events to make a difference in each student’s school and post-secondary educational success. These conferences and other in-school presentations take into consideration each grade’s specific needs, by providing students and their families with detailed information and practical knowledge of what they need to know to become prepared for college.


Parents and students learn the steps and classes they need to take to prepare for school and post-secondary education by participating in different presentations at their schools and in other locations. Topics included the following: Financial Literacy, High School Choice, Making High School Count, All There Is To Know About College Loan Programs, The Real Cost Of College, Searching For Scholarships, Qualified New York State Tuition 529 Plans, and other college preparatory presentations.

      College Fairs

Every year, The Bronx Institute organizes a GEAR UP College Night at Lehman College for parents and students to meet representatives of Admissions and Financial Aid Departments from public and private colleges and universities from New York and other states. The students and their families also have the opportunity to meet representatives from financial institutions. Students and their families are provided with updated information regarding college admissions and financial aid including the FAFSA form, scholarship opportunities, EOP/HEOP and SEEK programs, and virtual campus tours.

      Family Night

To help parents and students explore the value of education from the perspective of successful, but typical people and/or organizations from different walks of life, Family Nights always integrate issues of high interest with the need to build college awareness.

      Summer Academy

A month-long Summer Academy is organized every year to help parents learn how to use technology to search for and take advantage of educational resources to prepare GEAR UP students for post secondary education. Parents are trained on how to search for the following information: Financial aid including FAFSA, scholarships, college admissions and career opportunities, how to prepare a student’s profile for admissions requirements purposes, and how to visit colleges using the Internet (Virtual Tours). Parents also meet representatives from CUNY, SUNY, and private universities, to speak about updated information regarding admissions and financial aid. Following formal presentations, parents participated in a college campus tour.

      Tips and Useful Websites for Parents

Supporting your child to succeed in high school and getting ready for college means planning for the future and making some very important decisions early. The Bronx Institute GEAR UP Program has compiled valuable information to help parents stay involved in their children’s education.

      Resource Materials

At every family event, The Bronx Institute GEAR UP Program distributes valuable information that also includes other resources from our partner organizations. Most of the information included is in English and Spanish. Our Parent Engagement office also prepares information that includes tips to help parents stay involved and samples of the different resource materials distributed during family events to be used in-school presentations:

Conferences and Workshops are presented in English and Spanish. For more information about The Bronx Institute GEAR UP Parents Initiative, please click here <GEAR UP Magazines>

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