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Programs for Middle School Math and Science Teachers
      - NASA "Afterschool Universe"
      - Improve STEM Teaching & Learning in the Classroom
      - Update Lesson Plans with Computer Technology

The Bronx Institute’s professional development programs give teachers the tools and knowledge to integrate the latest educational thinking into their lessons and afterschool activities. Single and multi-day STEM programs are led by expert educators who support teachers’ efforts to encourage students to develop a passion for the sciences. The overarching goal of the professional development and academic enrichment programs is to increase the number of underserved students in STEM majors and in the professions, where they have been underrepresented.

GEAR UP Professional Development Programs for Middle School Math and Science Teachers
 NASA "Afterschool Universe"
The "Afterschool Universe" professional development program is a training opportunity provided to middle school science teachers interested in techniques that encourage students to reason about the structure of our solar system and to introduce them to elements, compounds, and particles. The course uses a curriculum designed by NASA and an implementation by the members of the Department of Astrophysics at Cornell University. The project is part of a partnership between local schools and the Bronx Institute.

Using a "Universe Kit" that includes craft supplies to make models, perform experiments, and even working lab equipment, teachers incorporate a hands-on, project-based approach to studying the size and distance of planets from each other, the life cycle of stars, black holes, and the atomic elements present in space.

By studying astrophysics concepts in middle school, GEAR UP students discovered how science contributes to our understanding of the mysteries of the universe.

Follow this link to learn more about the course.

 Improve STEM Teaching & Learning in the Classroom
This five-day workshop trained thirty math instructors to effectively integrate graphing calculators into their teaching. Led by a technologist from Texas Instruments, participants received hands-on practice with these programmable and versatile tools, which can be used in pre algebra, trigonometry, geometry, pre calculus, and standardized test prep courses for the SAT and ACT. The workshop was given to math teachers from public middle schools in The Bronx.

The Bronx Institute seeks to improve STEM learning by offering students the opportunity to study advanced math and science using modern tools and equipment, such as Smart Boards, iPads, iPod Touch, and graphing calculators. The curriculum for each class is developed in-house, by experienced faculty with years of teaching experience in Bronx public and private middle schools.

 Update Lesson Plans with Computer Technology
Bronx STEM instructors returned to the classroom as students in this semester-long course to learn how to integrate computers and computer peripherals into their lesson plans. Instead of relying on aging AV equipment, teachers practiced new methods of presenting material to students using PCs and digital projectors. The course was taught by an expert in educational technology with years of teaching experience in Bronx public schools.

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