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From time to time we find useful sites that have important connections and information for high school student who are preparing or college. While the information is often the same on many of these websites, the presentation is different from one to the other.

HETS Virtual Plaza - Student Placita

HETS (Hispanic Educational Technology Services) provides useful information for college bound students. Please take a look at the HETS site and take advantages of what you decide can help you in preparing for college.
Student Placita

The Financial Awareness Counseling Tool

More and more young people are challenged by the cost of attending college. There are many questions and many individual answers that depend on each student’s circumstances. The link below will take you to a new United States Department of Education website that helps to inform students about loans and debt management. It is a good link for you and your family to have in your college preparation information portfolio.
Financial Awareness Counseling

Bronx Institute Publications

The publications below are in PDF format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat installed, you can download it for free from the Adobe Acrobat Web site.

Bits and Bytes: A Technology Handbook - (2012)

A Bronx Institute Techonogy Quick Guide for Students.

Pathway to College - A Quick Guide for GEAR UP Students - (2012)

This eight page guide help students understand the tasks that they need to complete so that they are well prepared when the time comes for them to go to college.

ENLACE Family-to-Family Guide: Schools of Hope in The Bronx - (2011)

This guide was designed as a tool for families to explore educational options available for their middle school children as they apply for high schools. It is unique from other high school guides because of extensive parental input into its design as well as broad participation from the schools themselves in describing their respective missions, strengths, and assets.

Pathway to College: The Bronx Institute of Lehman College Quick Guide for GEAR UP Students - (2009)

This guide help students understand the tasks that they need to complete so that they are well prepared when the time comes for them to go to college.

Useful Publications

The publications below are in PDF format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat installed, you can download it for free from the Adobe Acrobat Web site.

Your College Search - (2010)

This 48 page guide by the Commission of Independent Colleges and Universities provides information on how to initiate and carry out a college search for students and their parents. There are helpful graphics and worksheets that provide a systematic process to begin looking for colleges in New York State that best fit each students interest and academic orientation. Information is provided on tuition costs for each campus and financial aid options within the state. There is an index of academic majors offered by each college by Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees. Vital information is also provided for each of 100 independent colleges within New York State.

Affording College - (2010 - 2011)

In this concise 20 page financial aid guide, comprehensive information is provided on methodically constructing a financial aid package and strategies for approaching applications for grants and scholarships. Although this document was released in 2008, contact information for financial aid offices for New York State colleges are up-to-date as well as a useful listing of resources available through the Internet.

Como pagar la universidad - (2010 - 2011) (Affording College - Spanish)

En las veinte páginas de esta guía sobre ayuda financiera, proveemos completa información y estrategias para entender sobre los componentes del paquete de ayuda financiera y así tener un mejor conocimiento acerca de cómo aplicar por becas y otros fondos disponibles. Este documento fue puesto en circulación en el año 2008. La información para llamar a las oficinas de ayuda financiera de las universidades del Estado de Nueva York está actualizada al día de hoy, además se incluye una lista de recursos educativos disponibles en la red electrónica( Internet).

Outreach and Enrichment programs - (2008)

This publication lists over 100 summer programs available at 61 private colleges and universities across New York State. Each program is described along with contact information to learn more about each program.

Campus Locator Map - (2008)

This map gives the geographic location of the 100+ colleges in New York State that are members of the Commission of Independent Colleges and Universities.

Outreach and Enrichment programs - (2008)

This guide for students entering college give middle and high school students an idea of preparations they will need to make to be ready to succeed in college. The four sections of this brochure are (1) cutting college costs; (2) making the grades; (3) money management; and (4) it's not too late to go.

College for Me - (2008)

College for Me is a four page bilingual worksheet designed to provoke thought in middle and high school students to help them identify their interests and begin thinking about what they value in a prospective college program.

Request for College Information Form - (2008)

This easy to fill out form allows students to gather information from up to eight independent New York State colleges.

Admissions and Financial Aid Bulletin - (2008)

This three page newsletter provides good advice on steps to take upon acceptance to a college as well as what parents and students should do to follow up on the status of their financial aid application.

Workshops and Activities that Really Work - (2006)

Workshops and Activities That Really Work presents a series of modules from New York-based GEAR UP programs in the areas of (1) workshops for students; (2) workshops for school/college professionals; and (3) workshops for parents/guardians. Among the Workshops for Students are the College Ambassador Program; College Admission Groups; the College Coach Program; Essay Writing Workshop; and Small Group Focus on the College Admission Process. Workshops for School/College Professionals includes SAT Infusion Workshop and Teacher in the Workplace, Teacher in the Community. Workshops for Parent/Guardians includes Education Unites US/Family Celebration.

Building College Connections: Visits and More - (2007)

This 28 page (slide) presentation by Susan Nesbitt Perez and Frank Brightwell explains the nuts and bolts of having a successful college visit. The presentation includes resources, dos and don’ts for college visit organizers, links to publications, and information about scheduling and budgeting for college visits.

Four Steps to College - (2010)

This edition of the statewide GEAR UP newsletter produced by the Commission of Independent Colleges and Universities features student-written stories reflecting different enrichment activities in various GEAR UP programs.

“I’m Going to College” - (2009)

This newsletter by the New York State Financial Aid Administrators Association for NYGEARUP consists of three helpful articles from and “My College Search” by Katherine Pritchard, “Show Me The Money—Outside Scholarships,” and “Take Control of Homework, So It Doesn’t Control You.” Several valuable financial aid weblinks and two “Timelines for Financial Aid Success” are provided.

United Way of New York City’s College Readiness Guide: A Primer for Students and their Families is - (2010)

This publication is provided by The United Way of New York City and National Grid Foundation to provide basics for preparing for college for New York City high school students and their families. Among the questions addressed are What are colleges looking for in candidates? How do you find the right college fit? What’s the best way to plan a college search? When are test scores and applications due? What about financial aid and scholarships?

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