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Faculty Lab

Ten workstations: three UNIX systems (Linux, SUN Solaris, SGI), a Macintosh, six Windows NT systems.
A color printer, color scanner, and slide scanner.  A color plotter and a digitizing tablet will be added soon.

Two systems are equipped with a connection to the video head end so that users can learn to use the video distribution system available in IT Center classrooms and other locations on campus.

The lab is available for use by faculty and staff.  It is available Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm -- or to 8 pm when Fall or Spring classes are in session.  Go to the Help Desk in the Open Center to ask for access.  During intersession, call 1111 in advance.

Software, all of it on the Macs:

Adobe Illustrator v.8.0
Adobe ImageReady
Adobe PageMaker 6.5
Adobe Premiere 5.1
AfterEffects 3.1
DeBabelizer 3
Director 7.0
DreamWeaver 1.2
Eye Candy 3.0
General Chemistry
Graphical Analysis 2.0
Media Cleaner Pro 3.0
QuarkExpress 4.0
SoundEdit 16/Deck II
Symantic Suitcase 3.0

Using the Microtek flatbed scanner attached to a PC

last rev. 3/2000