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The PC Rooms -- all have ComWeb, a projection camera, and a little whiteboard (see below).

C126 also has a scanner and a document camera (see below).


Adobe Acrobat
Adobe PhotoShop 5.0
    (5 Licenses) not in 120 or 124
Borland Jbuilder 3.0 
Borland Turbo Assembler 5.0 
Borland Turbo C++  4.5 
Chem Office Pro
         not in 120 or 124
Chemistry CAHche
         not in 120 or 124
Chemistry Spartan Pro
         not in 120 or 124
Computer Concept 3

Corel WordPerfect Suite 8
dBase for Windows 5.0
Delphi 5.0 Client/Server
DreamWeaver V1.2 
   (30 Licenses) not in 120 or 124
GRE PowerPrep
          not in 120 or 124
Internet Explorer 5.0
         not in 120 or 124
Lotus 123 97 Ed.


Magic NT
        not in 120 or 124
Maple V V5.0 
Medical Registry Systems
       not in 121, 122, 126
Microsoft Office 2000 Prof. Edition 
Microsoft Visual Basics  5.0 
Microsoft Visual C++
Microsoft Visual FoxPro
Microsoft Visual J++
     not in 120 or 124
Netscape Communicator 4.7


Peachtree Accounting  6.0 
     not in 120 or 124
QuarkExpress 4.0 
     (15 Licenses) 
SPSS 9.0 
The SAS System 6.12
Turbo Pascal  1.5 
Visual dBase Version 7.0


20 student stations:

Teacher station with a great small whiteboard:

This digital image projection camera projects images from videos and CDs in the video head end:

 Comweb that allows the instructor to connect any or every student station, in either direction -- and layout of room:

On the control panel, press Reset and 0, then press Add, press 1 to select Mode 1, to project instructor station screen to all students.
To project the instructor station screen to just a few students, press Reset and 0, then press Add, press 2 to select Mode 2; press Add, then, for the left two stations in your row, press 1, 01, Add; then Add, 2, 01, Add.  Etc.

Note: 126 has a flatbed scanner with OmniPage (for text scanning) and PaintShopPro (for scanning & editing images) as well as a document camera, both attached to the teacher station. To use the scanner, turn it on (power switch on 1) and reboot: close all open applications, click Start, Restart--this takes a couple of minutes. When done, and as a courtesy to the next user, close all open applications, turn the scanner off (power switch on 0), and reboot. (Help with scanning.)

Using the Document Camera in C-126
Using the Scanner in C-126
The fine points of scanning well: Means and Ends & Examples | Hardware and Software |