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The Seminar Room:

Seats, Very Comfortably, 24 people.  See photos below.


a computer with zip drive, controls for projecting video or what is on the monitor of the computer or of a laptop
a ceiling-mounted projector
a big ceiling-mounted projection screen
a cable connection for a laptop
a whiteboard
Note: no pointer -- use the mouse or bring your own.

How to use:

1. To use the projector, point the Dukane control at the ceiling-mounted projector, press the button labeled Operate and hold it for 2 seconds.  Press the button labeled Computer.
2. To lower or raise the projection screen, press the wall switch next to the monitor.
3. If you want to use your own laptop, check its manual: you need to know where the connector is and what key(s) to press for VGA out, i.e., for connecting an external monitor. (Example for Gateway: Function key 2.)
Charge the battery fully, or bring all dongles and plug the power cord into the covered switch on the floor.
Turn the laptop on.  Find the fat white monitor cord resting on top of the big black box on the floor next to the PCU.  Plug it into the connector on your laptop.
Now, if these instructions are correct, you can project to the big screen what is on the screen of your laptop.

Ursula Hoffmann, last revised 3/20/2000