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by Ursula Hoffmann

It could be a symbol that changes color or light intensity -- its attractiveness is subject to debate:

star.gifI created 2 frames, one without, the other with a star, set the timer and the number of  loops (10). (I use PaintShop Pro Animator.)

or text effects:

blackboard4.gif by UHI created 4 images and used the wizard to insert transitions, for a total of 43 frames. One loop.

To see this again, reload/refresh the page.

More text effects:

blackboard3.gif several images with different effects. Infinite loop.

Another example of animation may be a PowerPoint slideshow presentation  slideshow_demo.ppt
-- create the presentation, convert it to a slideshow, save it as a webpage; the user must have PowerPoint --

More possibilities: a series of images, like video or a cartoon film.

Pretty awful samples from the web, moving in endless loops:

3d_bar.gif from the web

cartoon dog.gif -- from  the Web

some web sites:
GIF animation -- a tutorial -- Toolbox software needed
PaintShopPro includes Animator, an animation package -- easy to use
Another option: Macromedia Flash -- for advanced users

free samples:
Animation Library
Animation Factory

and lots more: search Google for "animation" but watch out for copyright information before downloading anything.

last rev. May 2005