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Audio Guidelines

by John Dono, Ursula Hoffmann, Robert Whittaker

First read Multimedia Guidelines.

Note that audio is not available in the ITC classrooms. So, you must bring a player or notebook with speakers to class, or the students must work at home.

Sources for audio clips: the Web, tapes or CD's distributed to all users, or clips of small sound files created by you and embedded in documents (Word, HTML), or uploaded to your Bb course. (see guidelines and examples below)

Technical information - Basics -- and links to tutorials on the Web

Audio on your Computer: Creating audio clips, file formats, file sizes, software, plug-ins


Important to note: Multimedia files have big file sizes. (For example, 1 minute of 16-bit stereo sound at 44.1 kHz is about 10 MBytes.)  Therefore, embed only very small clips in your files. Link larger files to a website or a CD.

Word documents with audio
How to attach / embed or link a clip to a Word document

HTML documents with audio
How to do this

Blackboard with audio

Upload media file to Blackboard
Audio attached to a file or an image -- how to upload to Blackboard.

Useful websites:

Sounds Index: recording, converting...

Some good websites for sound files:
Midi: http://www.recmusic.org/midi/auldlangsyne.mid -- this is one of many good sites for music, text, notes
Radio: WQXR: http://www.wqxr.com/cgi-bin/iowa/air/listen/index.html
M. L. King "I have a dream"  http://www.historychannel.com/speeches/archive/speech_167.html  (speech only -- lots of cookies)
Heartbeat game (graphics and sound):  http://sln.fi.edu/biosci/monitor/heartbeat.html

Websites offering freeware/shareware utilities for importing and converting sound to different formats, such as .mp3:
Audacity -- a free simple audio recorder and editor for Windows, Mac, Linux -- it also links to a free MP3 encoder, LAME-enc.dll which you may already have if you installed Winamp.
CoolEdit (this  now belongs to Adobe and is no longer free)
but there are many good inexpensive applications on softpedia
ADS Tech Instant Music box: http://www.adstech.com

and, as usual:

last rev. May 2005