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The two most commonly used browsers are MS Internet Explorer (IE) and Netscape.
The AOL browser emulates IE but does not always get it right.

My favorite browser is Netscape, a free download.
Currently, it is version 8, excellent -- but a browser only.
My default browser is the full version of Netscape v. 7.2 which includes a composer/editor. Download the full version.
I use this to create all my web pages.
Both versions are on my computer.

To check and edit web pages with IE which does not include an editor:
Open IE, open the html file you want to check.
Click Tools, Internet Options, Programs: enter Netscape as your HTM: Editor. OK.
Now click File on the IE menu bar. You will see the item Edit with Netscape.
Clicking that will cause Netscape to open -- provided it is installed.

Ursula Hoffmann, November 2005