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Creating a Webpage or a Course Document for Blackboard with Netscape

on a PC running Windows

by Ursula Hoffmann, last revised December 2004

Netscape is one of the major web browsers, together with MS Internet Explorer and the AOL browser.

Most webpages are written in the HTML (HyperLink Markup Languages).
(Other possibilities are Java or Javascript but they are not easy to learn and use well.)

Using Netscape has advantages:
The software is free, just download it.
It has two main components: Netscape (the browser) and Composer for creating web pages: it has a very clean interface, is simple and fast to use -- it looks very much like MS Word.
It creates pages in a smaller file size (so they transfer more quickly) than pages that you create in Word and then save in Web page format.

Its only disadvantage, to my knowledge, is the spell checker. I like the one for Word better.
Way around this: type your text and spellcheck it in Word. Do not bother to format. Then copy and paste it into a new Composer Page and format it there.

You cannot use long filenames for HTML pages. Moreover, no spaces or characters such as ampersand, apostrophe are permitted, only underlines to separate words.
Also, the language is case sensitive so there is a difference between a and A. For example, if you insert a hyperlink to a file named Table_of_Contents but your actual file name is table_of_contents, your hyperlink cannot find the file.

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