Links to video clips -- for a website

Make sure that both the html file and your clip are in the same folder before creating the link--the clip name must show the extension. Then upload both to your website.  Or you can link to a clip to someone else's website -- see the fourth clip here.

Click on one of the sample clips below. A dialog window opens.

Internet Explorer: click Open. (File type can be Windows Media Player or Winamp -- depending on which plug-in you associate with .wmv.)

Netscape: click Open it with the default application (this may be Windows MediaPlayer or Winamp. The default application is the player on your computer which is associated with the particular file extension. The browser finds it.).

Sample clips:

For the .WMV files, you need WindowsMediaPlayer or Winamp.
For the .rm clip, you need RealPlayer.
For the .mov clip, you need QuickTime. (A nod to Mac users.)

From Migdio Dominguez, captured from CNN): Video1.mfw:  Video1.WMV
Video2.mfw:  Video2.WMV
From Robert Whittaker: a big clip from the Olympics--takes longer to open: video-anthem-rtr-october_2003-350kbps.rm
Endless loop: Rotating

Differences: file size and length

File size
185,378 b 86,836 b 3,066,675 b
250,386 b
12 sec
4 sec
1 min 10 sec

Bit rate
96 kbps as for Video1 32.1 kbps

Media type: *.wmv
Windows Media File video as for Video1 *.rm - real media
*.mov - QT
Video size
320 x 240 as for Video1 as for Video1

Audio codec
Windows Media Audio 9
16 kbps, 16 kHz, mono
as for Video1 RealAudio 44100 khz
32 kbps

Video codec
Windows Media Video V7 as for Video1 RealVideo 8

updated April 2005