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First read Multimedia Guidelines.
Creating digital video for use on the web
Technical information - Basics

Links to video clips on an html page
Multimedia clips on a Bb page
Links to multimedia clips in a Word document

Websites (from John Dono):
Virology on the Web -- Video Library
Academic Technologies at Cornell U. -- see Multimedia Training Topics
Cardiothoracic Imaging at Yale U.
Diffusion: chemistry U. Akron.edu -- diffusion.mov (needs Quicktime)
Rotating icosahedron.mov - Tulane  -- (needs Quicktime)
also see animated text and images

Wide screen video (panoramic), scrollable and rightclick-zoomable:
St. Paul's Chapel at Columbia U. -- needs Quicktime -- notable as the site provides a choice of  3 resolutions for different transmission speeds. Click on the link CCNMTLQTVR on this page for information on video technology with QuickTime VR, and for more samples.
Jacques Pépin, Fast food my way -- on PBS: kqed in California -- with audio and playful effects: move your mouse to scroll or make the dog bark or turn on the faucet, gas, lamp, blender, oven, TV; double-click a label to see a video or slideshow; right-click and zoom in.....
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