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Creating a page for the web or for Blackboard

by Ursula Hoffmann

Most web pages are in HyperTextMarkupLanguage, extension .html or .htm. (An alternative could be Java but it is much harder and more time consuming to do well.)

Here are four simple and no cost methods to create an html page:
  1. Use Word to create a document. Then save it as a webpage. (or  use Excel for a spreadsheet, or Access for a datafile)
  2. Use Netscape Composer to create a document. (Netscape is freeware. Go to netscape.com to download the software. Full version.)
  3. Use Word to type a text document. Press Ctrl-a to select the text, press Ctrl-c to copy it to memory, open a new file in Netscape Composer, press Ctrl-v to paste your text into the Netscape file, then format and save it.
  4. Provided you have both Internet Explorer and Netscape, you can use IE to browse, and Netscape Composer to edit. In IE, click Tools, Internet Options, Programs, and enter Netscape as your HTML Editor. (MS sells its own editor, FrontPage, but it creates larger files than Netscape does.)
Note: Word has a better spell checker than Netscape.
But a page created in Word and saved in web format has a larger file size than one created in Netscape, so it loads more slowly. I therefore recommend the second or third method.  (see file formats and transmission)

Important to remember:


Details: Inserting images, graphs, etc. || Embedding vs. linking ||

November 2005