Using Netscape Mail for Windows
with Lehman Mirapoint Email

for Faculty and Staff

updated 23 March 2006

The following instructions were developed on Netscape 7.1 running on Windows XP.  They do not necessarily apply to other versions of Netscape and to other operating systems..  Comments, suggestions or corrections regarding this document should be sent via email to

Start Netscape Mail

  1. Select Start

  2. Select All Programs

  3. Select Netscape 7.1

  4. Select Mail & Newsgroups

If this is the first time you have run Netscape, the Netscape Network Registration page will be displayed.  You can either agree to register or cancel.

If this is the first time you have run Netscape, the account wizard (see Step 4 below) will start up after selecting Mail & Newsgroups.

If you have run Netscape before on your system, you should see a set of folder collections in the left pane of the Netscape Mail window - one for each existing Netscape identity.  Identity is the Netscape term for the collection of settings associated with an email account.  Usually the folder collection will be named with the email account associated with the Identity.  You should also see a folder collection named Local Folders.

Create your Netscape Mirapoint Email Account Identity

(Note: If you already have a Netscape Identity associated with one of the previous Lehman email systems, do not  modify these setups to use Mirapoint.  Create a new identity for Mirapoint with the account setup wizard.)
  1. Select Edit from the menu bar

  2. Select Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings from the Edit menu

  3. Click on the Add Account button.  The Account Wizard will start up

  4. Select Email Account as the type of account you want to setup

  5. Select Next

  6. On the Identity page, enter Your Name as you want it to appear in the message header

  7. On the Identity page, enter your Email Address (e.g.

  8. Select Next

  9. On the Server Information page, select IMAP as the server type

  10. On the Server Information page, enter the incoming server name:

  11. On the Server Information page, enter the Outgoing Server name:

    If you have an existing Netscape identity, you will not be prompted for the Outgoing Server name.  Netscape will assume you want to use the Outgoing Server from the first identity you set up.  This is true even if you remove the first account. You can provide the new Outgoing Server name later (see Changing Outgoing Server Settings below.)

  12. Select Next

  13. Enter your Mirapoint username (e.g. firstname.lastname)

  14. Select Next
  15. On Account Name page, create a name for the account. This will be used to name the folder collection associated with the account. The suggested name is the email address.

  16. Select Next

  17. Review settings and select Finish to save the settings or Back to modify or correct the settings.

Changing the Outgoing Server (SMTP) Settings: Authentication and Server Name

  1. Select Edit from the menu bar

  2. Select Mail & Newsgroup Account Settings from the Edit menu

  3. Choose Outgoing Server from the scrolling text box in the left pane.

    Two settings on the Outgoing Server pane must be checked and adjusted, if necessary: the server name and the authentication setting.

  4. The Outgoing Server pane will show the default Outgoing Server name.  This will either be the server name you supplied in the Account Wizard (see Step 11 above) or the server setting from your first Netscape identity.   If you entered a server name when setting up your Mirapoint account, the server name should be:

    If you see a different server name (e.g.,,  change the server name to  Keep in mind, however, that this server will be used for all your Netscape identities.  If this is not acceptable, you can associate a particular outgoing server with a particular identify.  See Advanced for further information.

  5. Next, check the authentication setting on the outgoing server.  The check box next to Use Name and Password should be checked.  And your Mirapoint username should be in the User Name text box.

  6. Click OK

Off campus use

When setting up your Mirapoint account on Netscape for use from home or other off campus locations, you cannot use as the outgoing server.  If you plan to send mail from off campus, you must use the outgoing server of your ISP.  Please check with your ISP for its policies and the appropriate server name.  In most cases, you will be able to retrieve your mail from off campus without a working outgoing server.