Track-IT! Online IT Support Request and Tracking System
for staff and faculty

draft 25 April 2008

Quick Start Instructions


Connecting to Track-IT!
Track-IT! Sign In, User Name and Password
Your Track-IT Home Page
Creating a Work Order
Viewing your work orders
Updating or closing your work orders
Help on TI

This semester Information Technology Resources introduces Track-IT!, an online IT request and tracking system from NUMARA.  Using Track-IT!’s web-based component, staff and faculty can electronically submit technology-related problems and requests for service known as "work orders.".   In addition to opening work orders, Track-IT! users can update and close their own work orders, and will receive a notification via email when a work order is opened and when it is completed. 

If Track-IT! is not yet available to you or if you prefer other means of reporting problems, you can still contact the IT Center Help Desk by telephone at (718) 960-1111, by email at or in person in Carman Hall, room 108.  Work orders will be entered on your behalf by IT staff.

Connecting to Track-IT!

Track-IT! is a web-based application that can be accessed from anywhere at anytime over the Internet by directing  your browser to the following web address or URL:

Track-IT URL

The application is known to work with all the popular Windows and Apple Macintosh browsers.  (The screen images in this document were created in Internet Explorer 7.)

After successfully connecting to the site, you will be presented with the Track-IT! login dialog box:

:Track-IT! login

Track-IT! Sign In, User Name and Password

In order to use Track-IT! you  need a Track-It! username and password.  Your username is formed from the last eight digits of your CUNYCard id. 
Your CUNYCard id is embossed along the lower left edge of your CUNYCard just beneath "Staff" or "Faculty."  Do not include the space between the two strings of four digits. 

At this time we are unable to reliably identify the CUNYCard id numbers of Research Foundation staff and certain other categories of staff working on the Lehman campus.  Consequently, these staff are not yet in the Track-IT! system.  Individuals without Track-IT! access should continue to contact the Help Desk or the technical coordinators of their respective College divisions until these problems are resolved.

Track-IT! Userid

Your initial password is blank.  Do not enter any characters in the password field the first time you log in.  Enter only your eight digit username and then click the Sign In button.

You must create a password at first login.

Track-IT Password Creation

Create a new password of at least six alphanumeric characters and click on OK  When you login the next time, use your new password.

If you forget your password, contact the ITR Help Desk at (718) 960-1111 or via email at 

To change your password at any time, select the User Account button and then click the Change Password link.

Your Track-IT!  Home Page

After successfully logging in, your Track-IT! home page will display:

The Assets component of Track-IT! is not available and will not be discussed in the remainder of this document.

Wherever you are in Track-IT!, the blue menu bar beneath the "Lehman College Help Desk" banner will remain on the screen so you can always return Home, search for Solutions, manage Work Orders and view and change your account information from anywhere in Track-IT!.

The Announcement box in the lower left corner of the home page will be used to post timely information on IT at Lehman including system downtimes and maintenance, system upgrades and special events.

Creating a work order

Click on the add a new Work Order on the Track-IT! home page:

The work order form, reproduced below, will appear.  Accurate completion of the form will help us properly route and thereby resolve your problem on a timely basis.

Include a brief description of the problem.   Include a few key words that best describes the problem or request


Paper jam in HP Laserjet 2100 in Registrar's Office
Email authentication failure with user name firstname.lastname

Request to install Office 2008 Professional for Windows
Request to install network circuit in Carman B38
SAS 9.1 license expired
Dell OptiPlex 270 will not turn on in Shuster 230

Call Back Number Change if incorrect or add if blank

Priority See guide below work order creation form.

Type In most cases you should select from the drop down list the division or department of the College in which you work.  This will facilitate the routing of the problem to the technician assigned to your office.   That person is in the best position to make an initial assessment of the problem and reassign it to another staff person if appropriate.

Subtype Select from the drop down list the subtype that best describes the request or problem.   

Category Category provides greater detail in classifying your problem or request.  If none of the categories apply, you can leave this item blank.

Description Include additional details about the problem and the user(s) affected, department, alternate email address and phone number, building and room number, secondary contact, and where relevant, the text of error messages, circumstances under which they occur, software versions, hardware model numbers, efforts made so far to resolve the problem etc.

Attachment You can attach supporting documents such as an image of the screen showing the error that might be helpful in resolving the problem.

Click on Submit to create the work order.

You will receive a confirmation such as the following that will include a work order number.  Refer to this work order number when following up on the order.

You can add to the work order description, close the work order or print while viewing a work order.

You will also receive confirmation via email such as the one reproduced below.   These messages are automatically generated and are intended for informational purposes only.  You should not reply to the confirmation message.   Save it for future reference.

You will also receive a similar email notification if a work order is submitted on your behalf by IT staff.

Viewing and Managing your work orders

Click on Manage your work order requests on the Track-IT! home page or the Work Orders button in the menu bar that appears on all Track-IT! pages.  By default a list of all open work orders initiated by you or on your behalf will be displayed.

By default the Track-IT! home page is displayed after login.  Selecting the check box to the left of Make this page my default view will cause the list of open work orders to appear immediately after logging in.

You can update or close a work order by clicking on the work order id number.

With the work order displayed click on the link Add to Work Order description to add pertinent information to the work order, e.g. change in error messages, pattern etc..  Click on the Close Work Order link to complete the work order if you resolved the problem on your own or the request is no longer relevant.

If a work order is closed by you or by a technician, you will receive an email message similar to the following:


In addition to submitting and managing work orders,  Track-IT! includes a knowledge database to assist both you and the technicians in the resolution of your problems.  Access the database by clicking on the Solutions button on the menu bar from any Track-IT! page or from the Search the Solutions Database link or the Search box.

A user interested in Leopard, the new Macintosh operating system, could do the following search.

Help with Track-IT

If you would like additional information about Track-IT! click on Help on the right side of the Track-IT! menu bar. 

For further assistance contact the IT Center Help Desk by email at, by telephone at (718) 960-1111 or in person in Carman Hall, Room 108.