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Signing on to the CUNY Portal

  • Look Up Your Financial Aid Information
  • Register for Classes Online
  • Access the Blackboard
  • Find Out About Cuny Information and Events

*Read instructions on Navigating the Financial Aid Screens on the CUNY Portal.






The CUNY portal is the gateway to your CUNY information and services. With a single sign on to the CUNY portal you will able to register for classes, access the Blackboard etc. This booklet will explain how you could register and sign on to the CUNY portal.

Register/Log In on the CUNY Portal

Step 1

  • Go to the CUNY homepage at
  • To register on the CUNY portal or to log in after you have already registered, click on the Log-in link located at the bottom left side bar.





Step 2

  • If you have previously registered, enter your Username and Password and click on the Log-in button.
  • If you have never registered, select the Register Now link to get a username and password.






Step 3

The New User Registration screen will display six categories for registration: Student, Faculty, Staff, Applicant, Alumni or Visitor. Select the link that best describes your current affiliation with CUNY.

You must register as a Visitor if you have not attended any CUNY College in the past two years.

You must register as a Student in the CUNY Portal if you are currently a CUNY student or have attended any CUNY College for any period of time in the last two years.

The type of information you can obtain when using the portal will be based on your status. For example, you will see admissions information only if you are a first time applicant and financial aid information only if you are a current student.






Step 4

Enter your Last Name, Social Security Number and Date of Birth in order to validate your connection with the University. Then click the Next button.






Step 5

At the User Validation screen, verify that your information is correct and then click the Confirm button.







Step 6

Enter a Username or accept the suggested one. Next create and confirm your Password. Please note that passwords are case sensitive.

You will also be asked to enter an e-mail address. Be sure to list an accurate and actively used e-mail address since your password will be e-mailed to you if you ever forget it. Once you have entered the information click the Save button at the bottom left side of the screen.

Make sure you remember your username and password. You will need them each time you log in to the portal.







Step 7

At the Portal Logon screen you will see a message stating 'You have successfully completed the registration process.' Now you can log into the CUNY portal.





Viewing Your Financial Aid Information

  • Once you have logged on to the CUNY portal, you will be brought to the My Page screen as shown below.
  • Click on CUNY's Online Center for Admissions and Financial Aid under the heading Apply to CUNY.







Click on Financial Aid to the left of the screen to expand the view to enable you to access Student info, Application Status, Awards and a Financial Aid Glossary.






Frequently Asked Questions

  • I forgot my password. How can I reset it?
    Click on the "Log-in" link on the bottom of the left menu column of any CUNY portal page. Click on the "Forgot Your Password?" link. Enter your Username where indicated. If it matches an existing account, you will be sent a new password to your registered e-mail address.
  • I forgot my username. How can I find out what it is?
    Registered students should call their local campus Help Desk. Alumni and Guests can re-register with a new username, but Applicants must click on Portal Help and send an email for their username.
  • What browser works best with the CUNY portal?
    The portal is best viewed using Netscape 6.x or higher, Internet Explorer 5.x or higher, with Java enabled, and a resolution of 800x600 or greater. Since there are known problems viewing the site with Netscape 4.7.x, we recommend you use a later version.
  • How do I customize my view on the CUNY portal?
    To create your customized view you must register and log in. A new tab will appear in the upper right hand corner. Click on "My Page" and select one of the "edit" buttons to add or change information.

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