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Health Sciences

Chair: Luisa N. Borrell (Gillet Hall, Room 336)

Advisers: Craig Demmer, Health Education and Promotion (Gillet Hall, Room 334); Andrea Boyar, Nutrition (Gillet Hall, Room 432); Jane Levitt, Public Health (Gillet Hall 415); Robin Kunstler, Recreation Education (APEX, Room 269)

Dietetic Internship Coordinator: Susan Tree (Gillet Hall, Room 417A)

Department Faculty: Professors: Marilyn Aguirre-Molina, Luisa Borrell, Craig Demmer, Robin Kunstler; Associate Professors: Andrea Boyar, Cynthia K. Hosay, Glen Johnson, Barbara Menéndez, Chol-young Roh, Raziye Gul Tiryaki-Sonmez; Assistant Professors: Orazio Caroleo, Danna Ethan, Mary Huynh, Andrew Maroko, Lalitha Samuel, Emma K. Tsui; Lecturer: Bradley Schoenfeld, Sue Tree, Lisa Vernale-Fusco

The Department of Health Sciences offers five graduate degree programs: the M.S.Ed. Program, Health N-12 Teacher; the M.A. Program in Health Education and Promotion; the Master of Public Health Program; the M.S. Program in Nutrition; and the M.S.Ed. Program in Recreation Education.

Last modified: 7/14/2014