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Early Childhood Education Gifted and Talented Certificate Extension

A 12-credit Extension in Teaching Students who are Gifted and Talented (EDS 725, EDS 726, EDS 727, and EDS 728) is available to any student who already holds an Initial/Professional Certificate as a Teacher of Early Childhood (Birth to Grade 2), Childhood (Grades 1-6), Middle and High School Academic Subjects (Grades 7-12), TESOL (Birth – Grade 12), Literacy Specialist: Early Childhood (Birth – Grade 2), Literacy Specialist: Childhood (Grades 1-6), Literacy Specialist: Middle Childhood and Adolescent Education (Grades 5-12), Early Childhood Special Education (Birth to Grade 2), Childhood Special Education (Grades 1-6), and Adolescent Special Education in an Academic Subject (Grades 7-12). The extension courses focus on the nature and needs of culturally and linguistically diverse gifted and talented students and on best practices for teaching students with these characteristics.

Last modified: 8/4/2015