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EDE (EDC) 727: Teaching English as a Second Language (Pre-K to Grade 6).

4 hours, 3 credits. Methods and materials for teaching children whose native language is not English and children with special needs. Focus on how to teach content with an emphasis on English language arts, using English as a Second Language methodologies. Attention on addressing the influence of language, cultural and community orientation, and prior schooling experiences on learning in a second language including children with disabilities. This course requires 15 hours of fieldwork with children in ESL classrooms. PREREQ: Competency Area I and Step 2; EDC 738/EDE 738, *EBS 701, and one of the following: EDC 739/EDE 739 or EDC/EDE 733. (Note: Required course for Bilingual Extension.)

Last modified: 8/4/2015