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M.S.Ed. Program in Educational Leadership Overview

The following is a listing, by semester, of the courses that comprise the M.S.Ed. in Educational Leadership leading to an Initial Certificate as an SBL. Due to the rigorous content of the program, the M.S.Ed. can be completed in approximately two years, including summers, over 6 semesters.

Note: Registration for all courses requires Departmental approval. Most courses require that students participate in 6 hours of leadership experiences in schools over the course of the semester, in addition to EDL 710 and EDL 711.

Semester I (fall): (6 credits)

(These courses are corequisites and prerequisites for all other courses in this program.)

EDL 701: The Principal as a School Building Leader (3 hours, 3 credits)

EDL 702: Ethics in School Leadership (3 hours, 3 credits)

Semester II (spring): (6 credits)

EDL 703: Collaborative and Community-Based Leadership (3 hours, 3 credits)

EDL 704: Instructional and Curriculum Leadership (3 hours, 3 credits)

Semester III (summer): (6 credits)

EDL 705: Technology, Planning, and Managing Resources (3 hours, 3 credits)

EDL 706: Legal and Economic Issues and the Administration of Schools (3 hours, 3 credits)

Semester IV (fall): (6 credits)

EDL 707: Creating Effective and Supportive Learning Environments for All Students (3 hours, 3 credits)

EDL 708: Research, Assessment, and Data-Driven Decision Making (3 hours, 3 credits)

Semester V (spring): (6 credits)

EDL 709: Case Studies in School Building Leadership (3 hours, 3 credits)

EDL 710: The Leadership Experience I (internship/seminar–200 hours, 3 credits)

Semester VI (summer): (3 credits)

EDL 711: The Leadership Experience II (internship/seminar–200 hours, 3 credits)

Last modified: 3/10/2015