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M.S. Program in Accounting

Students can earn a Master of Science Degree in Accounting (M.S.A.) whether or not their undergraduate degree was in that field. Those with a B.S. in Accounting from Lehman College or an equivalent undergraduate accounting degree from an accredited institution can earn an M.S.A. degree by completing a total of 30 graduate credits. Students holding undergraduate degrees in a field other than accounting or accounting degrees not equivalent to Lehman's B.S. in Accounting may have to take up to 60 credits in Accounting and Business courses in addition to the 30-credit M.S.A. course requirements. Students in the M.S.A. program must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Students who complete this program and earn their degree in Accounting will have completed all of the educational requirements for taking the CPA examination in New York State.

Admission to the Program: To be fully admitted to the M.S.A. program, applicants must have earned a minimum GPA of 3.0 (B-) and have completed an undergraduate degree in accounting or its equivalent. An equivalent undergraduate degree must include 36 credits in accounting, including Advanced Accounting, Cost Accounting, Taxation, and Auditing, in addition to 27 or 24 credits in business courses depending on whether they have completed ACC 348: Accounting Using Computer Systems or its equivalent. The 27-credit business courses are listed below with Lehman College courses fulfilling the business courses requirement shown in parentheses:

6 credits in Law: BBA 336, 337, 339, 340

6 credits in Economics: ECO 166,167; BBA 168,169

6 credits in Finance: BBA 207, 308, 310

6 credits in Quantitative Methods: BBA 303, 403, 405; ECO 302, 402

3 credits in Computer Science (not required if ACC 348 was included among the 36 accounting credits)

Students must also submit a statement of career objectives, two letters of recommendation, GMAT scores, and if conditionally admitted, satisfy the specified conditions within one year.

International Students must additionally obtain a minimum total score of 500 or equivalent on the TOEFL and comply with the applicable financial and visa requirements. International students who have earned their baccalaureate from a college or university in which the language of instruction was exclusively in English are exempted from the TOEFL requirement.

Admission Requirements for Non-Matriculated Students: Individuals who do not wish to enroll in the MSA degree program yet want to take graduate courses in accounting may do so provided that they meet all the admission requirements for matriculated students.

Degree Requirements:

The course requirements for the 30-credit M.S.A. degree are as follows:

24 Credits in Core Courses:

ACC 709: Advanced Accounting Theory (3 hours, 3 credits)

ACC 719: Advanced Auditing (3 hours, 3 credits)

ACC 750: Advanced Taxation (3 hours, 3 credits)

ACC 790: Graduate Research Seminar in Accounting (3 hours, 3 credits)

MSB 701: Quantitative Analysis for Managers (3 hours, 3 credits)

MSB 702: Economic Analysis for Managers (3 hours, 3 credits)

MSB 703: Computer-Based Information Systems for Managers (3 hours, 3 credits)

MSB 710: Investment Analysis ( 3 hours, 3 credits)

6 Credits in Electives from the following:

ACC 724: Accounting for the S.E.C. (3 hours, 3 credits)

ACC 751: Estate and Gift Taxation (3 hours, 3 credits)

ACC 785: Independent Graduate Study in Accounting (3 hours, 3 credits)

MSB 711: Capital Budgeting (3 hours, 3 credits)

MSB 712: Financial Statement Analysis (3 hours, 3 credits)

MSB 713: International Financial Management (3 hours, 3 credits)

Last modified: 8/4/2015