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Lehman College

Graduate Degrees and Fields

Advanced Certificates

School of Education:

Bilingual Extension, (Birth - Grade 12)
Educational Leadership as a School District Leader (SDL)
English Education, (Grades 7 - 12)
Gifted and Talented Education
Mathematics Education, (Grades 7 - 12)
Middle Childhood Extension, (Grades 5 & 6)
Science Education, (Grades 7 - 12)
Social Studies, (Grades 7 - 12)
Special Education (Early Childhood, Birth - Grade 2)
Special Education (Childhood, Grades 1 - 6)
Special Education (Adolescence, Grades 7 - 12)
T.E.S.O.L. Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
Teachers of Languages Other than English

School of Natural & Social Sciences:

Nursing: Administration

Nursing: Education

Nursing: Family Nurse Practitioner

Nursing: Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Master's Degrees for the School of Arts and Humanities

Applied Music & Music Teaching, (K - Grade 12) M.A.T.
Art M.A.
Art M.F.A.
English M.A.
History M.A.
History for Secondary School Teachers of Social Studies M.A.
Literature, Spanish M.A.
Speech-Language Pathology MA


Master's Degrees for the School of Education



General Education: Early & Childhood:

Art Education, Art Teacher, (Pre-K - Grade 12) M.A.
Early Childhood Education, (Birth - Grade 2) M.S. Ed.
Early Childhood Ed. with Bilingual Ext. M.S. Ed.
Childhood Education, (Grades 1 - 6) M.S. Ed.
Childhood Ed. with Bilingual Ext. M.S. Ed.

Middle & High School Education:

English Education, (Grades 7 - 12) M.S. Ed.
Mathematics Education, (Grades 5 - 9 & 7 - 12) M.S. Ed.
Science Education, (Grades 7 - 12) M.S. Ed.
Social Studies Education, (Grades 7 - 12) M.A.
Spanish Education, (Grades 7 - 12) M.A.
T.E.S.O.L. Programs M.S. Ed.

Counseling, Leadership, Literacy, & Special Education:

Counselor Education, (Grades K - 12) M.S. Ed.
Educational Leadership, School Building Leader M.S. Ed.
Literacy Studies, (Birth - Grade 6 & Grades 5 - 12) M.S. Ed.
Special Education (Single* & Dual Certification: Birth - Grade 2, Grades 1 - 6, & Grades 7 - 12, including dual language/bilingual) M.S. Ed.
*Applicants must possess certification in general education for single certification.


Master's Degrees for the School of Natural and Social Sciences


Accounting M.S.
Biology M.A.
Business Administration, Finance, Human Resource Management, & International Business
(E-Business & Marketing currently not offered)
Computer Science M.S.
Geographic Information Science (NEW) M.S.
Health Education & Promotion M.A.
Health Education Teacher, (Pre K - Grade 12) M.S. Ed.
Liberal Studies (New) M.A.  
Mathematics M.A.
Mathematics Teacher, Math for Secondary Ed. Teachers M.A.
Nursing M.S.
Nutrition M.S.
Public Health M.P.H.
Recreation Education, Park Administration, Therapeutic, & Education Grades 7 - 12** M.S. Ed.
Social Work M.S.W.
**Students with initial certification in physical education can obtain professional certification. Does not lead to initial certification.



Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior (EEB)***
Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology (MCD)***
Neurosciences (NS)
Plant Sciences (PS)***
Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences
***Supported by 5-year fellowships, including tuition & health insurance.