Creating a New Page (Based on Existing Template)

To create a new page based on an existing page in your site do the following:

1. Navigate to the page you’d like to make a copy of
2. Click the ‘New’ button in the upper portion of the page
3. Make sure the ‘Copy of Current Page’ is selected (See highlighted red to the right)
4. Enter the page title of the new page you’d like to create adhering to our naming guidelines. Our guidelines are all small case letters, with words separated by dashes. So for Staff Hours page, your title should be staff-hours
5. After these steps are complete, click ‘OK’
6. Your new page appears, which you can add the text and links as needed.
7. Click ‘Publish’ after you’ve completed adding text, and the new page is available to be linked to.
8. In order to allow site visitors to view your new page, you will need to link to the newly created file. Do this by highlighting text, then clicking the ‘link’ button in the top of the page. Select the new page and click ‘ok’. (See Creating a Link Page for More Information)