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Wireless technology is becoming increasingly popular and is becoming more widely used. Lehman's wireless network allows users with wireless enabled laptops, tablets and smart phones to access campus resources.

The Lehman College wireless network (Wi-Fi) is available to Lehman students, faculty, staff members, and campus guests. The system is being upgraded to offer increased connection speeds and reliability.  The wireless network supports current IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n as well as emerging wireless standards and protocols. 

Wireless access points are shared bandwidth devices that allow users to share the available bandwidth. The wireless network supplements the wired network for wireless-enabled mobile devices.

Getting Connected:

Students, Faculty and Staff: The Lehman College wireless network broadcasts a Service Set Identifier or SSID, lehman_college.  When your device discovers the network, follow the instructions below that are appropriate for your device.

Guests: A faculty and staff sponsor will contact the Help Desk to request temporary guest access.  Upon launching your web browser, guests will be directed a web page to login.

Coverage Areas:

Indoor coverage areas:
APEX,Carman Hall, Campus Life, Concert Hall, Davis Hall, Fine Arts, Gillet Hall, Library, Music Building, Old Gym Building, Shuster Hall, Science Hall, Speech/Theatre Building, and the T-3 Building.

Outdoor coverage areas:Most of the campus outdoor areas.

Use of Wireless Network - Policy:

Use of the Lehman College wired and wireless network must comply with CUNY policies and security regulations, as well as federal, state, and local laws. Use of the Lehman network must be for University business purposes and must follow applicable CUNY IT security policies for the use of computing resources and ensure the confidentiality of personal, private information. For further information regarding CUNY’s security policies and guidelines, please visit

Users are not permitted to set up their own wireless networks on the Lehman College campus. A wireless network can have significant impacts on network security and operations. Only authorized Lehman College wireless access points and networks are permitted.

Connection Problems or Gaps in Coverage:

We are striving to improve wireless coverage at the College.  Please let the Lehman Help Desk know of any issues you are experiencing with the wireless network.

Last modified: Mar 7, 2014

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