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Office of the Provost's email digest—Thinking Back: Fall 2017
Thinking Back: Fall 2017

In October 2016, President Cruz held a campus-wide forum on student success. During his presentation, he used a very powerful metaphor that has shaped my thinking about Lehman in the first two years of the third presidency (and, not coincidentally, my tenure as interim provost). That metaphor (and apologies to Dr. Cruz if the turn of phrase is less elegant than his original version) was that while we would maintain the rhythm (i.e., continue in those patterns that we hold dear), we were going to change the tempo. Last year, at our Faculty Retreat held at Wave Hill, the momentum theme foreshadowed the notion that the College was about to “turn up the beat.”

Here are some sample data, collected from the Offices of the Provost, Academic Programs, and Academic Personnel; the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs; and the Office of Institutional Research, Program Evaluation and Assessment, that reflect the activity level during fall semester:
  • 2730 students were enrolled in LEH 300 sections
  • 348 faculty workload forms were processed
  • 208 curriculum proposals made their way to the College Senate
  • 169 adjunct and 17 full-time new faculty were “on-boarded”
  • 112 faculty members participated in Online Education professional development
  • 78 grant applications were submitted
  • 61 requests for institutional research data were processed
  • 19 files were prepared for consideration for tenure/CC
We stopped counting emails, phone calls, and paper/electronic forms because the audit interfered with our ability to respond to emails, answer the phone, and get forms processed!

The pace is daunting, but we still take time out to celebrate. December on our campus has a very special rhythm. We gather together as a college, as divisions, and as offices and departments to eat, to dance, and to talk. These celebrations remind us of how lucky we are to be part of this inclusive community and how much we all care about the work that we do. The joyousness that is palpable in meeting rooms, converted classrooms/offices, and hallways comes from a sense of shared purpose and a genuine concern for one another.

New Year’s Resolution

In 2018, I resolve to get out of Shuster as much as possible and make my way around campus. Please invite me to come to your classes, laboratories, informal gatherings, and formal meetings. Our second annual retreat at Wave Hill on January 22 will be a wonderful opportunity to begin some conversations that can continue throughout the spring semester.

I wish a happy and healthy holiday season to each and every one of you.
The Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs is the College's chief academic officer and senior member of the Cabinet. The Provost is responsible for all educational programs, as well as for academic issues that relate to the faculty, including appointments, promotions, and evaluations. She also is responsible for preparing accreditation reviews, strategic planning, and the review of division and departmental budgets. Questions? Email alison.abreu@lehman.cuny.edu or call 718-960-8222.