Past Features

July 11, 2005 (Vol. 1, No. 10)

New Book by Sociology Professor Examines Services for the Disabled

Esther Wilder's Book, Voices from the Heartland
Prof. Esther Wilder (Sociology and Social Work) has published a new book, Voices from the Heartland, that examines the level of services being provided to the disabled by state-funded programs.

Prof. Wilder and her coauthor, William H. Walters, a librarian and research consultant at St. Lawrence University, distributed a survey in Oklahoma to those served by the state's disability programs. First-hand accounts reveal how the basic needs of the disabled have not always been met, how professionals in these programs are not always well-trained, and how families are penalized if their earnings rise above the poverty level.

Prof. Wilder's current research focuses on women's reproductive health, the sociology of disability, and ethnic and religious differences in health care.