Past Features

February 27, 2006 (Vol. 3, No. 3)

Lehman Professor a New Member of Botanical Council Advisory Board

Edward Kennelly
Edward Kennelly
Professor Edward Kennelly (Biological Sciences) is one of thirteen new members added to the American Botanical Council Advisory Board. The latest advisors include experts from the broad field of sciences and academic disciplines related to herbs and medicinal plants.

Professor Kennelly's current research focuses on botanicals for women's health and cancer-chemopreventive constitutes from tropical fruits. His phytochemical analysis was the foundation of a recent HerbalGram article entitled "85-Year-Old Black Cohosh Root Still Contains Active Compounds."

"Professor Kennelly's invitation is a recognition of his accomplishments in the field of herbs and medicinal plants," explains Lehman Dean William Tramontano, "and reflects the confidence of the Board that his presence will help foster their mission to educate the public on the valuable role that herbs and phytomedicines can play in public health."

The American Botanical Council started in the late 1980s and grew out of a need to "provide reliable, scientifically sound information about medicinal herbs not only to professionals in healthcare industries but also to an increasingly confused public."