Past Features

November 27, 2006 (Vol. 4, No. 6)

Select the Winning AIDS Poster

In honor of AIDS Awareness Month, the Student Health Center is holding a World AIDS Day Poster Contest. Students were asked to submit original poster designs depicting themes related to World AIDS Day by December 1. Six posters were submitted, and now it's time for you to vote. The first-place winner will win $100, and second- and third-place winners will win $75 and $50 respectively.

To cast your vote, choose from posters A through F and send an e-mail to by Tuesday, December 12. The winner will be announced on Wednesday, December 13.

AIDS Poster A
Poster A

AIDS Poster B
Poster B

AIDS Poster C
Poster C

AIDS Poster D
Poster D

AIDS Poster E
Poster E

AIDS Poster F
Poster F