Past Features

February 5, 2007 (Vol. 5, No. 1)

Bronx Institute Cosponsors Symposium in Mexico

Mexican Flag
The Bronx Institute at Lehman College will co-sponsor the Second Binational Symposium in Monterey, Mexico, on March 1 and 2, to bring together educators from both the U.S. and Mexico who are involved in language instruction.

Titled "English in Mexico and Spanish in the U.S.: Sharing Visions, Challenges and Knowledge," the symposium aims to synchronize national concepts of teaching and learning, forging working partnerships with educators from both nations and providing for the exchange of research in the field. Hosted by the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, the meeting will bring together seven universities from the U.S. and four from Mexico.

Bronx Institute Executive Director Herminio Martinez and Research Director David Badillo will present a colloquium on "Migration, Multilingualism and Language Policy: Transnational Visions and Challenges." The presentation will examine neglected aspects of multilingualism and language policy related to transnational migration. Specifically, they will address urbanization and language policy among contemporary Mexican migrants in New York City.

Dr. Badillo, who will chair the session matching Lehman with the Universidad Autonoma de Morelos, notes that "migration has had distinct meanings in each country, with varying impacts on multilingual and language policy. By sharing our research, we can begin to integrate our methodologies and perspectives." Dr. Martinez hopes that representatives from various segments of the CUNY community will be represented at the symposium, including colleges of education, language learning centers and institutes, and graduate students working in the areas of language policy, educational leadership and bilingual education.

The registration deadline is February 23. For more information, contact Gustavo Fischman at and Jorge Aguilar Rodriguez at For registration, lodging, and program information, visit